Watch Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, Steve Kimock, Jay Lane, & More Honor John Perry Barlow At Sweetwater

first_imgOver the weekend, a series of memorials and tributes to Grateful Dead lyricist and famed political activist John Perry Barlow took place across San Francisco, culminating with an event titled Barlow’s Graduation From Meatspace at The Fillmore on Sunday, April 8th. The tributes didn’t stop there, however, with Mill Valley, California’s Sweetwater Music Hall adding a special event on Monday evening to honor the iconic Grateful Dead and “cyberlibertarian” figure.As reported by JamBase, Monday’s tribute to Barlow took on a similar format as Sunday’s memorial at The Fillmore, with a number of speakers offering up stories of Barlow in addition to musical performances throughout the night. For the first musical performance, Barlow’s daughters under the moniker The Barlowettes performed “I Will Take You A Home”, a tune penned by Barlow and Brent Mydland off the Grateful Dead’s Built To Last that The Barlowettes also performed on Sunday night.From there, after a number of heartfelt stories shared by Bob Weir, Steve Kromer, and Andy Leonard, Jerry Joseph, Steve Kimock, and Wally Ingram teamed up for two songs, “Wisconsin Death Trip” and “Giraffe”. This set was followed up by a performance featuring Weir, Ingram, Kimock, Jerry Harrison, Lukas Nelson, Aishlin Harrison, and Paul Ill. This ensemble laid out renditions of Talking Heads’ “Heaven”, the Grateful Dead’s “I Need A Miracle”, Al Green’s “Take Me To The River”, and the Barlow and Weir-penned Grateful Dead classic “Feel Like A Stranger”. The latter also saw former RatDog members, drummer Jay Lane and bassist Robin Sylvester, join in.After this, Dead & Company and former RatDog keyboardist Jeff Chimenti stepped in for Jerry Harrison, with the new lineup moving through takes on “The Music Never Stopped”, “Estimated Prophet”, and “Lost Sailor” into “Saint of Circumstance”. To close out the night, much like the night prior in San Francisco, the tribute closed out with a rendition of “Cassidy”, which saw the reemergence of many of the performers from across the night.You can check out the full video of Monday night’s tribute to John Perry Barlow at Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, California, below, courtesy of the venue.[H/T JamBase]last_img read more

RPPTL seeks volunteers for its pro bono housing project

first_img September 15, 2003 Regular News RPPTL seeks volunteers for its pro bono housing project RPPTL seeks volunteers for its pro bono housing projectcenter_img The Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section is now recruiting lawyers who are familiar with real estate transactions and development procedures to join its statewide pro bono effort.The RPPTL’s Pro Bono Committee refers volunteer lawyers to nonprofit members of the Florida Housing Coalition in need of legal representation on real estate transactional matters relating to low income housing projects.“We want to match transactional attorneys, real estate and corporate, with qualifying nonprofit organizations that build or renovate affordable low-income housing,” said Drew O’Malley, chair of the RPPTL Pro Bono Committee, who also serves as president of The Florida Bar Foundation.O’Malley said the Florida Housing Coalition, an umbrella group of about 500 nonprofit low-income housing providers in Florida, refer members to the section’s “Lawyers for Affordable Housing” program who don’t have sufficient funds to pay substantial legal fees. The section, in turn, solicits and maintains a statewide panel of volunteer attorneys who are prepared to advise the housing coalition referrals on such issues as purchases, sales, financing, construction, zoning, permitting — anything that relates to housing.O’Malley said the section made more than 20 referrals in the first year of the project’s operations and plans to man a booth at the Florida Housing Coalition’s September 22 convention in Miami.Anyone wishing to become a member of the pro bono panel may contact Andrew O’Malley at (813) 250-0577 or e-mail [email protected]last_img read more

Data breach confirmed at St. Louis Fed

first_img 22SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Roy UrricoThe Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis confirmed that hackers hijacked its domain name servers in April, and warned of a potential data breach as well as exposure to malware.In a statement, the St. Louis Fed informed those who use the bank’s public economic data and analysis tools that it discovered the breach in late April. That’s when attackers succeeded in hijacking the domain name servers for the institution.The attack redirected Web searches and queries for those seeking a variety of domains run by the government entity to a Web page set up by the attackers in an apparent bid by to hijack online communications of banks and other entities dealing with the regional Fed office. continue reading »last_img read more

Your people and process make you stand out

first_imgOn three occasions recently I was reminded of the immense value of personalized and genuine sales and service efforts and wondered how often we miss out on similar opportunities presented every day at our credit unions.First, I heard a story told by a great speaker I’ve known for many years. Shep Hyken is a foremost presenter of customer satisfaction and service and is a real captivating speaker. He told a story of being in Dallas, TX during the hot summer and getting in a cab heading to the airport. Not only did the cab driver have the air conditioning on so it was nice and cool in the car but he also had a small cooler in the backseat with ice cold bottles of water and soda.If you’re like me, too many times I’ve hailed a cab on a hot day only to find the windows rolled down and the backseat full of litter and debris. This cabbie in Dallas went above and beyond to create a pleasurable and memorable experience for his customers. He didn’t stop there however – after finding out that Shep had some time to kill before his flight, the cab driver took a detour on the way to the airport (and turned off the meter!) to show Shep some of the local sights and restaurants.When they finally arrived at the airport, the cab driver presented his business card and told Shep to ask for him the next time he’s coming to Dallas. He’d have his favorite drink in the cooler waiting for him! Not only did the cab driver warrant a significant tip at the end of this transaction but also numerous referrals to future travelers to Dallas.For your credit union: Conducting banking transactions is usually a pretty mundane experience. There’s rarely anything different or extraordinary that occurs. Therefore, when a member does experience something outstanding – Shep calls these moments of magic” – they stand out in the member’s mind. That’s exactly what we want members to experience – moments that stand out in their mind for positive reasons. In turn, our credit union will stand out in their mind when they have a future need or talking to others who have financial needs.For this to happen, our staff needs to be willing and able to go above and beyond normal (mundane) service levels. They need to think about how they can stand out in the member’s mind because they make all the difference. They also need the autonomy to do those “little” things that will allow them and the credit union to stand out. Things like getting a member a soda on a hot day or recommending the restaurant next door when it’s close to lunch time.Frontline employees should recognize, like the cabbie in Dallas, that their future success depends on each member having a memorable experience with the credit union. Each employee, especially those directly responsible for those experiences, should identify specific little ways they can be outstanding with each and every member they serve.The second story is about a normally unpleasant experience that turned extraordinary. After much shopping, my wife and I recently purchased a new car from a dealer we had purchase from previously. The salesman was pleasant (which means he wasn’t overbearing) and fair (which means he didn’t use any obvious sales tricks to negotiate a better deal). In the course of conversation, my wife commented on a scented candle he had on his credenza and he mentioned that it was his wife’s favorite scent.We closed the deal that night and picked up our car a couple days later, happy with our addition to the family and relieved that the dreaded car-buying experience was over. However, two days later we receive a package at our front door from the salesman. It was the scented candle from his office with a handwritten note saying that we should remember our beautiful new car every time we burn it. He also made a funny comment about me not liking the scent but not having a choice in the matter since my wife managed the candle-buying duties in the house.For your credit union: Randy knew that buying a car was a normally dreadful experience and that most shoppers think negatively of the salespeople. He also recognized that we had chosen to come back to his dealer to buy a second car when there were lots of other places we could’ve gone – traditional and non-traditional car dealers. Further, he knew that if there was any chance of us buying a third car from them in the future, he’d better sure this experience was memorable in a positive way.This may be hard for some of you to hear but members don’t always enjoy coming into your branch. Whether it’s the people or the location or the building itself, there are many other places many members would rather go. Therefore, when they do come in (or call), we need to be sure to make it as absolutely pleasant and memorable as possible.Let’s recap what Randy did: he acknowledge and appreciated our repeat business. He engaged us in a pleasant and lighthearted conversation about something as innocuous as scented candles. And then he went out of his way to send a hand written, highly personalized note with a highly personalized gift.I see a lot of credit unions who say they’re going to send thank you notes but then run out of time and don’t. I see more who send a note but it’s a generic form letter and not personalized. And I see some others who just assume that their members are going to be loyal and don’t do anything. Every one of us should learn from this car salesman and personalize every member interaction and demonstrate in some fashion sincere gratitude for our members choosing us instead of the innumerable financial institutions in the market today.For the final story, my son is a high school senior and we are navigating the minefield also known as the college selection process. He has narrowed his list down to two schools and we visited both on consecutive days last week. The schools are very close in most categories we’ve considered but one stood out for a reason you don’t often associate with the process – the admissions counselor.Colleen was very professional yet personal from the moment we met her. Pleasant smile, eye contact, firm handshake, easy demeanor. She welcomed us sincerely and offered us each a drink before we went upstairs to her office. The admissions office is in a 100+ year old building that has been magnificently restored and Colleen took great pleasure in showing us the beautiful building. She could tell I loved old architecture and effuse sincere interest herself. Her pride in the building and acknowledgement of my interest was obvious – it was as if we she was welcoming us into her own home!As we progressed up the staircase to her office I mentioned that my father had attended this school over 60 years ago. She stopped in stride and said how happy she was that our son would be reconnecting the school to my family. Wow, what a great thing to say! It wasn’t said it a salesy, cheesy manner; it was genuine and sincere. Again, it was like she was welcoming us to her family!The meeting continued and Colleen continued to impress. Not because she or the school was giving us a sales pitch or a better deal (the schools are very even in all categories of choice) but because she was empathetic of the challenging process and truly appreciated us considering her school so ardently. Her passion for the school and for the decision we were making was palatable.For your credit union: There were two qualities that Colleen demonstrated in this experience that our frontline employees need to possess – passion and empathy. The passion should be for the credit union and their role in helping members find solutions to financial needs. The empathy should be for the difficult and frustrating road most members have to endure to satisfactorily resolve those challenges.I have some clients who don’t have employees in member-facing roles who genuinely and consistently demonstrate these two qualities. To these employees, this is just another job and they’re waiting on just another member. To the credit union, this interaction is just another transaction and the focus from the employee’s boss is doing that transaction without error, not as pleasantly and memorable as possible.Hiring and nurturing employees who possess personalities that exude these, and similar, qualities is a strategic focus of top-performing financial and retail institutions. They don’t hire a square peg for a round hole, as the saying goes. They go to great lengths, even if it takes extra time, to find employees like Colleen who will naturally and honestly welcome and appreciate each member.If you or your credit union would like to incorporate these and other similar qualities into your member experiences, my firm would be happy to help. Please contact me at [email protected] or 636-578-3280. 18SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Paul Robert Paul Robert has been helping financial institutions drive their retail growth strategies for over 20 years. Paul is the Chief Executive Officer for FI Strategies, LLC, a private consulting company … Web: Detailslast_img read more

What’s keeping your team from cross-selling?

first_img“Why isn’t my team engaged?” I hear this question quite often during discussions about engaging the front line as part of a credit union’s marketing strategy. Before starting a relationship with a new client, we assure them that we can deliver leads via email, internet, phone, in branch…you name it. But if their front line isn’t engaged, those leads won’t turn into a new loan, a new checking account, or a new member. It’s up to the front line to catch the ball (the lead) and run it across the goal line. If they’re not willing to do their part, even the best leads will come up short. Have you experienced this challenge in your credit union? If so, what’s keeping your team from becoming fully engaged in your member-focused mission? Maybe they’re afraid of trying to accomplish something great. During the month of March, YMC’s Level Up Book Club read Daring Greatly by Brené Brown. As I sat down to write this review, I struggled with which way to go. Between leadership advice, parenting tips, and practical self-help principles, this book contained so much valuable information that it would be impossible to cover all the contents in a single post. To keep things simple (and to keep this article relatively brief), I’ll stick with one idea—one question, really. As a leader, do your words and actions turn your employees into paralyzed office workers who won’t take chances, or do they create passionate team members who feel the freedom to dare greatly?If you want to develop brave individuals who work to make things better, you must create an environment where your team feels comfortable being vulnerable. To do that, it helps to understand what the word “vulnerable” really means. It’s derived from the Latin word “vulnerare,” which means “to wound.” The dictionary defines it as “capable of being wounded or open to attack or damage.” Now, let’s apply it to a familiar setting—our credit unions. When we ask the front line to cross-sell or to dive deeper into the member relationship by asking questions, we’re essentially asking them to be vulnerable. We never know how a member will respond. Hearing “no” or being rejected isn’t easy, especially for those who struggle with self-worth issues that stem from past personal hurts. During a speaking engagement, Brené Brown asked her audience “How many of you struggle to be vulnerable because you think of vulnerability as weakness?” Almost everyone raised their hands. She followed up with another question, “When you watched people on stage being vulnerable, how many of you thought it was courageous?” Again, hands shot up across the room. Everybody admired those people who risked being vulnerable. Here’s the challenge you and I and your front-line team struggle with: We want to experience others’ vulnerability, but none of us want to be vulnerable ourselves.Time and time again, Brown’s research has shown that people disengage from work, school, and relationships in an effort to protect themselves from vulnerability and shame. People also disconnect when they feel that the person leading them isn’t living up to their end of the “social contract.” In other words, they resist leaders who operate with a “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality. Brown poses the question: “We don’t intentionally create cultures in our families, schools, communities, and organizations that fuel disengagement and disconnection, so how does it happen?” Fortunately, she also offers an answer by saying, “We can’t give people what we don’t have. Who we are matters immeasurably more than what we know or who we want to be.” So, how do we as leaders help our team overcome the fear of vulnerability—not just for the sake of cross-selling, but to erase that fear that keeps them from living their best life? There is a gap we need to fill in order to engage our team, a space Brown refers to as the value gap. “The space between our practiced values (what we’re actually doing, thinking, and feeling) and our aspirational values (what we want to do, think, and feel) is the value gap. It’s where we lose our employees, our clients, our students.”So, what about you? Are you encouraging your team to dare greatly? Is a wrong answer met with ridicule? Are new ideas met with a stuffy “That’s not the way we do it around here” response? Does the shy person who finally speaks up get ignored? Your response as a leader determines how engaged your team will be. One challenge you may have to navigate is the fact that your team’s willingness to share (or lack thereof) has already been determined by prior leaders, teachers, parents, spouses, and so on. For better or worse, every one of your team members has already been programmed. They have a root system in place that cannot be changed without a lot of time and attention on your part. As the leader, it’s your job to pour into those team members and encourage them to dare greatly. And while your credit union will undoubtedly benefit from this effort, there’s more at stake than that. When you pour into your team in this way, they don’t just become better team members; they become better people. The lessons they learn can be applied to their personal lives, which means entire families can be changed as a result of your investment. And THAT is a return on investment that can benefit generations to come! 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Bo McDonald Bo McDonald is president of Your Marketing Co. A marketing firm that started serving credit unions nearly a decade ago, offering a wide range of services including web design, branding, … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Oyster Bay Man Killed by Hit-and-run Driver

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A hit-and-run driver killed a 28-year-old Oyster Bay man who allegedly crashed a stolen truck on the Southern State Parkway in Roosevelt early Thursday morning, New York State police said.Rick Munoz was walked into the eastbound lanes of the parkway when he was hit by a vehicle that fled the scene—and several other vehicles that also fled—just east of Exit 21 for Nassau Road at 1:46 a.m., police said.Moments before being hit, the victim was erratically driving a box truck that was reported stolen in New York City, and crashed the truck into a guardrail before walking away, police said.Munoz’ passenger, 27-year-old Joel Padilla of the Bronx, was charged with criminal possession of stolen property.Troopers ask anyone with information that could assist with this investigation to call them at 631-756-3300.last_img read more

PRO14 round-up: Scarlets hold off Connacht, Gavin Coombes helps Munster to victory | Rugby Union News

first_img Connacht try-scorer Ultan Dillane takes on the Scarlets defence All of the action from the weekend’s two PRO14 matches which saw Scarlets defeat Connacht and Munster victorious against Ospreys. There are three more matches on Monday evening. Last Updated: 15/11/20 5:09pm Munster celebrate one of Gavin Coombes’ tries in their win over Ospreys – Advertisement – The hosts lost their way late on though and the Welsh side rallied with Lake’s score and a penalty try from a scrum following Jack O’Donoghue being sent to the sin-bin. Dane Blacker’s 43rd-minute breakaway effort, converted by Dan Jones who kicked a penalty earlier in the game as well, proved enough to secure Scarlets the win which moved them up to second in Conference B.Blacker’s converted score had put the Welsh side into a 13-point lead, but Connacht mounted a fightback and replacement Kieran Marmion knocked on close to the line.All-action flanker Paul Boyle sparked some of their best play and lock Ultan Dillane drove over from close range on the hour mark, followed by Jack Carty converting. Connacht had enough pressure to force a third try late on, but replacement Denis Buckley knocked on close to the line under pressure from Uzair Cassiem as Scarlets hung on for their first victory in Galway since April 2017.Munster 38-22 OspreysHat-trick hero Gavin Coombes was in unstoppable form as Munster recorded a win over Ospreys at Thomond Park on Sunday.The Skibbereen youngster starred as Johann van Graan’s men collected a bonus point to go eight points clear at the top of Conference B.Munster built a 24-10 half-time lead with converted tries from No. 8 Coombes, Mike Haley and Kevin O’Byrne cancelling out an early Luke Morgan effort.After grabbing a second try during Morgan’s sin-bin period, Coombes completed his hat-trick in the 53rd minute. It was five tries to three in the end, with Ospreys forcing a late penalty try to add to Dewi Lake’s maul score.Ospreys bounced back from Bradley Davies’ departure with a shoulder injury to take the lead through Morgan’s try which was converted by Stephen Myler, but from that point on Munster were in control.center_img – Advertisement – We round up the weekend’s PRO14 action as Scarlets won in Galway for the first time in three years and Gavin Coombes starred for Munster in their victory at home to Ospreys…Connacht 14-20 ScarletsRyan Conbeer made it three tries in two games as Scarlets’ swashbuckling attack earned them a win over Connacht in heavy wind and rain at the Sportsground on Saturday.The former Wales U20 international ran in two tries in the first half as the Llanelli-based outfit led 13-7 at the interval, with Abraham Papali’i having responded for the hosts with a converted try.- Advertisement – Gavin Coombes was the hat-trick hero for Munster Gavin Coombes was the hat-trick hero for Munster

H5N1 strikes poultry in India again

first_imgJan 15, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – A state agriculture minister in India today confirmed that a disease outbreak involving 35,000 recent poultry deaths in West Bengal state was caused by the highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus.Anisur Rahaman, West Bengal’s minister for animal resources, told Reuters, “The outbreak is of the deadly H5N1 strain and it has been confirmed to us in a central government notification today.”Over the past few weeks, large numbers of chicken and other poultry deaths have been reported in and around the village of Margram in West Bengal’s Birbhum district, according to the Reuters report. Rahaman told the news service that a second outbreak was detected in West Bengal’s South Dinajpur district but said the sites are not adjacent.Naresh Dayal, India’s health secretary, told Reuters that medical teams have been dispatched to the area, that residents would be monitored for flulike symptoms, and that the government had adequate stockpiles of the antiviral drug osteltamivir.Officials said culling operations affecting about 400,000 birds within a 3-kilometer radius of the outbreak areas would begin tomorrow, Reuters reported.Authorities have sealed off one stretch of West Bengal’s border with Bangladesh, according to Reuters. Bangladesh is also battling H5N1 outbreaks.India’s last H5N1 outbreak in poultry occurred in July 2007 among chickens at a poultry farm in the country’s remote northeastern state of Manipur, near the border with Myanmar, according to previous reports. India has reported no human H5N1 cases.Meanwhile, animal health officials in Bangladesh said on Jan 13 that the H5N1 virus had struck a poultry farm in the northeast. The outbreak killed 500 chickens at the farm in Moulavibazar district, about 155 miles from Dhaka, the capital, according to a Jan 13 Reuters report. About 800 chickens, ducks, and other birds were culled within 1 kilometer of the outbreak site, the report said.The country’s first H5N1 outbreak was recorded in March 2007, according to previous reports. Since then, outbreaks have occurred mainly around Dhaka and in the north.In Vietnam, government officials announced that the H5N1 virus struck a flock of ducks in Thai Nguyen province in the northern part of the country, according to a Jan 11 Thanh Nien News report. On Jan 3 officials said another outbreak in the same province had also affected a duck flock, according to previous reports.In other developments, animal health experts in England have determined that the H5N1 virus strain that infected three swans at a tourist destination in Dorset County on the country’s southwest coast is similar to one that was confirmed in the Czech Republic, Romania, and Poland in 2007, according to a statement today from Hilary Benn, secretary of the United Kingdom Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).Benn said the H5N1 strain found in the swans is also similar to the one that caused outbreaks in November among turkeys at two Redgrave Farms sites in Suffolk.Animal health officials are conducting further tests on a few more dead mute swans at the Dorset County outbreak site, but so far all have tested negative, the UK Press Association reported on Jan 13.Earlier reports said the three infected swans were tested after they were found dead, but today’s DEFRA statement said reports suggest that two of the swans were still alive when found and were euthanized because they were injured and in poor condition.John Houston, general manager at Abbotsbury Swannery, told the Press Association that the number of dead swans at the site is lower than normal because of warmer-than-usual winter weather.See also:Jul 25, 2007, CIDRAP News story “India finds H5N1 in poultry after 1-year hiatus”Jan 15 DEFRA statementlast_img read more

3T – Tourism, Travel and Tech: Tourism and Technology – Second Time!

first_imgAfter the great success of last year’s 3T conference – Tourism, Travel and Tech, Bug is organizing the second edition, on March 20, this time in the larger and more luxurious space of Boutique Cinema Kaptol in Zagreb.Early bird tickets are available until the end of February, via the Entrio system, the link is at the bottom of the conference page 3T – Tourism, Travel and TechThe conference opens with a keynote lecture entitled Travel Drives Technology: New Apps Everywhere, will be held by a guest from Germany Martin Reents, serial entrepreneur & CEO. The round table, panel discussion, that follows will be moderated Ivan Ilijasic, Orioly. The name of the panel discussion is: How to solve the problem of seasonality in tourism with technology?One of the lectures will be about implementation of the new Law on Provision of Services in Tourism, which is an issue that concerns both IT people and “tourists”, will sustain it Monika Udovicic, Assistant Minister for Legal Affairs and Standards.Some other topics that the organizers are preparing and planning for the conference are: Tourism monetization social networks, CRM in the tourism industry, Influencer marketing – how to make a brand that customers will recognize and recommend, Mobile payment IT solutions for the hotel industry. Instagram in tourism – where everyone is here and little Mujo / Ivica, Digital nomads – work without a job, Croatian nautical tourism on the web, Seasonality and technology, How to distribute your offer of excursions, Strategy advertising na free tools. (The program is subject to change until the last moment)The seasonality of Croatian tourism is already a well-known problem, and we should have started thinking about cases of “overtourism” a long time ago. How can we use technology to extend the season and make it easier to reach tourists outside of the hot summer months? What technological trends can help us with that today? What are the trends in, which are only current hyping and how to start introducing new trends in domestic tourism?The presentation will be given by the director of the conference, Oleg Maštruko, together with a partner in an adventure, Sasa Cvetojevic – the two of them are like Team Tesla a couple of weeks ago they returned from a rally in Africa, where, according to available information, they were the first crew to cross Sahara electric car, Saša’s Tesla X. The 3T conference was the sponsor of this unique project, and it will be the first where you will be able to hear their experiences live, first hand.”When we organized the 3T – Tourism, Travel and Tech conference for the first time last year, it was a kind of lottery, because we didn’t know what reactions we would get.. Now, with last year’s experience, we know that the place of direct connection, networking, and the exchange of knowledge and ideas between the two most successful Croatian branches of the economy, more than necessary, and between visitors and companies – well received. For this year’s edition of the 3T – Tourism, Travel and Tech conference, we are preparing an abundance of fresh and current content, which you can see more about on the conference website, especially as the date approaches”Points out Oleg Maštruko, conference director.According to relevant data, Croatia has the largest share of tourism in the gross national product (GDP) of all EU countries. Tourism is vital for us, and the IT industry is the most active, most profitable and fastest growing branch in recent years. The main question is whether Croatia can achieve synergy of the two sectors?How will it be shaped, and what trends will the tourism industry follow in the coming years? What will be the impact of technology? If you are serious about tourism and if you want to do tourism in the future, these are the questions you need to ask yourself, because all new trends and technologies directly affect your business, and day by day it will affect more and more.Early bird conference registrations 3T – Tourism, Travel & Tech are available in the Entrio system. A link to buying tickets, and more details on the content, can be found on the conference website www.3t.bug.hrlast_img read more

Charlie Nicholas names just four Arsenal players that have shown ‘real substance’ this season

first_img Comment Charlie Nicholas names just four Arsenal players that have shown ‘real substance’ this season Metro Sport ReporterTuesday 28 Jul 2020 9:41 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.6kShares Kieran Tierney has looked an impressive signing by Arsenal (Picture: Arsenal FC via Getty Images)‘You need to challenge yourself to improve.‘I worked hard every day and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy coming to this massive club full of great players. I knew it was going to be tough coming in and trying to get my place in the team.‘I’m just grateful for every opportunity I get to go on the pitch and give my all. I try to repay the manager’s faith by working hard and trying to put in good performances.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘It’s all about the hard work.’MORE: Arsenal offer £23m plus Matteo Guendouzi for Thomas ParteyMORE: Stewart Robson hails Bukayo Saka as Arsenal youngster he has been most impressed withFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Bukayo Saka have earned praise from Charlie Nicholas (Picture: Getty Images)Charlie Nicholas feels that only four Arsenal players have shown ‘real substance’ this season, hailing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Bukayo Saka and goalkeepers Bernd Leno and Emiliano Martinez, but dismissing the rest of the squad.The Gunners wrapped up their Premier League campaign on Sunday with a win over relegated Watford, which saw them finish eighth in the table.It is a disappointing finishing position, but most observers feel Arsenal are going in the right direction under the stewardship of Mikel Arteta, who took over from Unai Emery in December.Club legend Nicholas feels that way, and is impressed with the world the Spaniard is doing, but not by most of the players at the Emirates.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTCaptain Aubameyang finished the season with a superb 22 league goals, Saka broke through into the first team and has excelled, while both goalkeepers have been solid, but otherwise, no one has stood out to the Scot.“It’s not Mikel Arteta’s fault, it’s a club that have been in freefall and haven’t fixed things in six years,’ Nicholas told Sky Sports.‘They finished eighth because they only won 14 games – that’s the lowest I can recall in the Premier League era. I could probably look back while Arteta has come in and say why am I giving them a D?‘But I have to take it as a whole season. He’s made it better. I’m not a great man for stats, and his stats have not been great, but I think as Arsenal people we want to see progress and we are.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘There’s been too many draws, I look at Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – his goals have been great, both goalkeepers have been good, and other than that, I’m looking at Bukayo Saka. But no other players of real substance.’Most could not really argue with Nicholas’ assessment, although summer signing Kieran Tierney may count himself unlucky after performing impressively over his first season at the club.The Scottish left-back has had to deal with a serious injury, dislocating his shoulder, but has looked good before and after the fitness issue, despite describing the campaign as the toughest of his life so far.‘It’s been the toughest year of my life,’ said Tierney. ‘I’ve had the injury and a lot of new challenges but you need challenges, you need to be uncomfortable. Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more