The String Cheese Incident Releases 30-Minute “Rollover” Space Jam Hula Encore [Pro-Shot Video]

first_imgOnce again, The String Cheese Incident took the jam band custom of donning “Musical costumes” for Halloween to new heights during their Suwannee Hulaween Saturday night themed set, bringing together a bevy of legendary voices for “Women of the Galaxy” and taking fans on an epic “Space Jam”. With a selection of cover tunes by icons like Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Pat Benatar, Heart, Cream and more with special guests Jen Hartswick, Rhonda Thomas, Lisa Fischer and, amazingly, the original singer of a couple of the featured tunes, Heart’s Ann Wilson. All this came before an epic mash-up encore featuring a reworked “Rollover” which served as the musical spine to a wild assortment of space movie themes stretching from Close Encounters to the dueling Star Wars and Star Trek franchisees before finally mixing in iconic scores from Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey.Today, The String Cheese Incident has shared pro-shot video of their “Space Jam” encore for fans to relive the glory.[Video: Produced, directed, and edited by C2 Design & Drafting See Less]Setlist: The String Cheese Incident | 10/27/18 | Suwannee Hulaween | Live Oak, FloridaSet I: Birdland, Sweet Spot, Sing A New Song > These Waves > Djibouti Bump > You’ve Got The World, Colorado Bluebird SkySet II: Desert Dawn, Get To You^, Hi Ho No Show, The Big Reveal, Jellyfish, RosieSet III: Women of the Galaxy: Gimme Shelter (1), Rock Steady (2), Proud Mary (3), Killing Me Softly With His Song (4), Respect (5), Valerie (6), Heartbreaker (7), Politician (8), Baracuda (9), Get Up Stand Up (10)E: Rollover > Close Encounters Jam > Star Wars Jam > Cantina Jam > Imperial March > Star Trek Next Generation Jam > Original Star Trek Jam > 2001 > Rollover^- w/ Rhonda & Tony on vocals1- Rolling Stones cover, Lisa Fischer on vocals2- Aretha Franklin cover, Jen Hartswick on vocals and trumpet3- Tina Turner cover, Rhonda Thomas on vocals4- Roberta Flack cover, Lisa Fischer on vocals5- Aretha Franklin cover, Rhonda Thomas on vocals6- Amy Winehouse cover, Rhonda Thomas on vocals7- Pat Benatar cover, Jen Hartswick on vocals and trumpet8- Cream cover, Ann Wilson on vocals9- Heart cover, Ann Wilson on vocals10- Bob Marley, cover featuring everyoneFeaturing the Mofro Horns, Rhonda Thomas & Tony White,Jen Hartswick, Lisa Fischer, & Ann Wilsonlast_img read more

Anderson .Paak Announces Andy’s Oxnard Carnival Event This Weekend To Celebrate New Album

first_imgMulti-talented west coast hip-hop artist Anderson .Paak is the latest musician to produce and curate their own music event, as he announced today that he’ll welcome fans and families to Andy’s Oxnard Carnival at Oxnard, California’s Performing Arts & Convention Center this Saturday, November 17th beginning at 2 p.m. The event, hosted by Anderson .Paak and Beats, will take place the day after the release of his highly anticipated new studio album, Oxnard, which arrives this Friday, November 16th via Aftermath/12 Tone Music Group/Atlantic Records.The free event plans to welcome fans and their families to experience rides, food, games, contest giveaways and more. There will also be free parking in addition to shuttle services for those hoping to attend. Fans can presume that .Paak will deliver a performance of some sort for those in attendance during the four-hour event, although nothing has been confirmed as of Tuesday’s announcement. You can find more information and officially RVSP for Andy’s Oxnard Carnival by visiting the event’s page on the venue website.The 32-year-old rapper/singer/songwriter/drummer/bandleader/producer and Oxnard, CA native has already shared a few of the tracks set to appear on Oxnard, including “Who R U?” and “Tints“, with the latter featuring a guest appearance by rapper Kendrick Lamar. Other guest artists who appear on the forthcoming album include Dr. Dre (the album’s executive producer), J. Cole, Snoop Dogg and Kadhja Bonet, just to name a few. The project will be .Paak’s first studio release since his Grammy-nominated LP, Malibu, arrived back in 2016.“This is the album I dreamed of making in high school, when I was listening to [Jay-Z]’s ‘The Blueprint’, The Game’s ‘The Documentary’, and [Kanye West’s] ‘The College Dropout’,” .Paak said recently about his latest studio effort. You can watch the official music video for Oxnard track “Tints” below:Anderson .Paak ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Tints” [Official Music Video][Video: Anderson Paak]Anderson .Paak recently performed at the Mac Miller tribute concert in Los Angeles on Halloween, and will head down to Australia and New Zealand for a run of performances in December and January. Fans should be on the lookout for North American concert dates to be announced in the near future.[H/T Rolling Stone]last_img read more

Learning through doing

first_imgIn an effort to get his students to make slow, careful observations of organisms in the field and the lab, Gonzalo Giribet has a secret weapon — the pencil.As part of Giribet’s “Biology of Invertebrates” class, students spend hours in the lab studying dozens of animals, and making closely observed, highly detailed sketches of each. The idea, said Giribet, the Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology, is to encourage students to rely on illustration as an observational technique that is as powerful as, and sometimes more reliable than, photography.“In zoology, scientific illustration is very important,” he said. “It allows you to highlight every aspect of an organism, some of which may be more difficult to discern from a photograph. If you’ve spent hours drawing a butterfly, when you’re done, you’ll know for sure that it has two pairs of wings, you’ll know how the posterior and anterior wings are arranged, you’ll know what the antennae look like. That’s the idea behind this class.”Though Giribet has taught the class for a number of years, the emphasis on observation through illustration was introduced last year by doctoral student Christopher Laumer.“Gonzalo gave me more or less creative control over the lab section of the course, so for three hours every week we’d look at a diversity of adult body plans,” Laumer said. “My idea was to model the class after the invertebrate zoology class I took just before I came to Harvard, at Friday Harbor Laboratories on the Washington coast.”Laumer stressed that the class was more about encouraging students’ observational skills than nurturing their artistic abilities.“One thing about invertebrates is you have to become comfortable making open-ended observations of their morphology, and illustration is a good route to that because to make an illustration, even for someone who isn’t artistic, you have to look very closely at the animal,” he said. “It’s a different mental exercise than taking a photograph.”While talent isn’t a prerequisite to make the illustrations, “many of the students were naturals at it,” Laumer said.“I was extremely impressed with the quality of their observations,” he said. “It was deeply satisfying to see them progress over the course of the term.”The skills developed during lab hours were put to good use during a trip to Panama. Students spent hours snorkeling on shallow reefs to collect specimens for class, which was held at a local lab, and observed dozens of animals in their natural habitat.“That field work is one of the most important components of the course,” Giribet said. “The students not only get the theory in the classroom, but we then go to the lab and they have the opportunity to see the animals and dissect them, and to see them in situ on the reef.“For many students, it’s a whole new experience,” he added. “Some of them may have never been in the ocean, or never been to a tropical location. It complements a lot of the things we do in the classroom with the chance to experience invertebrate zoology done in the field. Every year, I hear from students who tell me this is the best class they’ve ever taken.”last_img read more

Fair-minded birds

first_imgNew research conducted at Harvard demonstrates sharing behavior in African grey parrots.“I think people usually think of the natural world as being akin to Tennyson’s ‘Nature, red in tooth and claw,’ ” said Irene Pepperberg, a psychology researcher and co-author of the study. “But this type of sharing isn’t unheard of in the wild. In a mated pair, for example, birds often share food or engage in reciprocal grooming.”What makes the study noteworthy, Pepperberg said, is that earlier work that produced similar findings in apes did so only under highly specific conditions.The new work, she said, suggests that African greys such as Griffin, the study subject, not only can grasp the concept of sharing, but also are capable of connecting their actions in the near-term to those of their human partners in the future.“What was important was that in the initial experiment, Griffin wasn’t simply copycatting what the student was doing,” Pepperberg said. “He was making a clear choice and was willing to share. In effect, he was saying, ‘If you’re willing to give me something, I’m willing to share with you.’ In the latter experiment, he understood if he shared now, the student will share next.”The test Pepperberg and colleagues from Brandeis University and the University of Lincoln designed was simple. Griffin was presented with four colored cups, with each color assigned a particular consequence. The green cup represented sharing — to choose it led to a treat for both Griffin and his human counterpart. Pink, by contrast, was the selfish option — only Griffin received a treat. The orange cup signaled generosity, and meant giving up a treat. The purple cup left both parties treatless.In the second experiment, each round of the test began with Griffin selecting a particular cup. Student test subjects then mimicked his choice. Over time, Pepperberg said, Griffin gradually came to understand that he would get a better payoff by picking the green cup — and sharing the reward.“That’s not to say Griffin didn’t occasionally choose the pink cup, but he realized every time he chose pink and got a treat, then on the next round, he didn’t,” Pepperberg said. “At a statistically significant level, he realized that to get the student to choose green and share, he had to first choose green and share.”Tests performed in an earlier study showed that when students consistently showed generosity, the bird became more likely to share; when they were selfish, Griffin responded in kind.“This behavior may have its roots in the wild,” Pepperberg said. “For example, a single parrot is a dead bird, because it can’t both forage and scan for predators. So there are certain things, such as sentinel behavior — where one bird will sit up in a tree watching for predators while the rest of the flock eats — that they do appear to share. It may not be on an exact tit-for-tat basis, but they do share that behavior, because one bird is not always going to be the sentinel. The idea is that it may be my turn now, but it’s going to be your turn eventually.” <a href=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”> <img src=”” alt=”0″ title=”How To Choose The Correct Channel Type For Your Video Content ” /> </a>last_img read more

Pecan Expert

first_imgThe partnership between University of Georgia Cooperative Extension and the Georgia Pecan Commission yielded a new area pecan agent position for the Southeast District this year.The two entities co-funded the position that will be filled by Andrew Sawyer beginning May 1. Sawyer will work with growers and county agents in southeast Georgia, while UGA Extension pecan specialist Lenny Wells continues to serve producers in southwest Georgia and statewide.“I am so excited about this partnership between the pecan industry and UGA Extension. This is a great example of how everyone in the agricultural industry in Georgia works together to identify needs and solve problems,” said Laura Perry Johnson, associate dean for UGA Extension. “Andrew is the perfect person to be UGA Extension’s pecan expert in southeast Georgia. I look forward to seeing the great things that come from this partnership.”Sawyer has served as the Wilcox County Extension coordinator and Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) agent since October 2017. Prior to that, he was the ANR agent in Thomas County for six years.“I think it’s going to be a great experience. It’s going to be awesome working with the pecan team,” Sawyer said. “It’s going to be awesome working with the agents. I feel like I know a lot of them. I’ve met so many growers already at the last two pecan meetings in Tifton.”Sawyer’s addition to the pecan team is timely since there has been an increase in the number of trees being planted in the southeastern part of the state over the past decade. Although the majority of Georgia’s crop lies in southwest Georgia in Mitchell, Dougherty and Lee counties, Tattnall County in southeast Georgia was ranked No. 6 in farm gate value for pecans in 2017 with $16.1 million, according to the UGA Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development.“The pecan acreage in that part of the state has grown a lot in the last five to 10 years. Some of those areas, it’s a three and a half hour drive one way to get to them and that limits the amount of time you’re able to spend with them on the ground,” Wells said. “It’s going to be very helpful for them and all of us to have Andrew over there and accessible to those growers.”It’s a critical year for Georgia pecan farmers. Hurricane Michael hit southwest Georgia last October, decimating the pecan industry by causing more than $560 million in direct losses. Producers are currently making decisions about whether they should replant, what varieties to plant and how to overcome low market prices.“There probably will be more questions that come up this year, more problems that need to be looked at in the field,” said Lanair Worsham, vice chairman of the Georgia Pecan Commission. “It’s going to work well (having Sawyer join the pecan team).”For more information about Georgia pecans, see read more

Submit Your Update

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Gulf of Mexico operators extend term for farm-out deal

first_imgGulfSlope Energy, Texas South Energy and another, unnamed, partner have decided to extend the term of the letter of intent (LOI) for joint drilling and development of oil & gas prospects in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.GulfSlope Energy said on Wednesday that the trio extended the LOI until November 30, 2017, or such later time as they mutually agree.The two companies signed the initial LOI with an undisclosed firm, only described as a ‘large international oil and gas company,’ in mid-September.Under the principal commercial terms of the farm-out, the unnamed partner will drill a minimum of three exploratory wells with the option to participate in additional three-well phases on the same basis.The partner will earn a 75% working interest in each prospect by paying 90% of the exploratory costs and making a cash payment of $1.5 million to be split between GulfSlope and Texas South on a 73%/27% basis.According to GulfSlope, it will be the initial operator of record and will retain a 20% working interest in the subsalt prospects included in the first phase while Texas South will retain a 5% working interested for the subsalt prospects included in the first phase.Upon achieving certain milestones, the partner will have the right to purchase up to 20% of the common stock in GulfSlope and Texas South.last_img read more

Navios Containers Raising USD 30 Mn for More Ships

first_imgMonaco-based container shipping company Navios Maritime Containers has completed a USD 30 million private placement to finance possible vessel acquisitions.The company will issue 5,450,000 common shares at a subscription price of USD 5.50 per common share. The net proceeds from the private placement, which is expected to close on March 13, 2018, will be used for general corporate purposes, including vessel acquisitions.Navios Holdings and Navios Partners have subscribed for USD 15 million in the private placement and thus will own approximately 39% of the outstanding share capital upon closing.Each of Navios Holdings and Navios Partners will also receive warrants, with a five-year term, for 1.7% and 6.8% of the newly issued equity, respectively. The offer shares will be tradable on N-OTC on or about March 14, 2018.last_img read more

Australian scientist David Goodall dies after lethal injection

first_imgThe Sydney Morning Herald 10 May 2018Family First Comment: How ironic. At the bottom of this disturbing article is this statement…“Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact Lifeline…”Apparently some suicides are okay. Apparently.  www.rejectassistedsuicide.nzAustralian scientist David Goodall has ended his life at a euthanasia clinic in Switzerland, asking in his final words: “Why is this taking so long?”The 104-year old had to answer twice the four questions – what is your name, what is your date of birth, why have you come to the clinic and do you know what will happen when you press this button? – that are asked of anyone seeking to undergo voluntary euthanasia because, due to his arthritis, he was unable to press the button to release the deadly injection on his first attempt.Euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke, who revealed he acted as “music director” during the Professor Goodall’s death in Switzerland, said the Australian’s final words were said “flippantly” and impatiently as if to hurry death.In a “final day press release” which included new photographs of Professor Goodall’s final hours, the prominent euthanasia campaigner said he was “proud to have been appointed ‘music director’”.“David’s chosen music was the Ode to Joy of Beethoven’s 9th symphony. David died at the moment the Song (sung in German) concluded,” the statement said.READ MORE: up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

DIGICEL Regional 4-Day

first_imgTeams aim to prove their consistency in third roundST JOHN’S, Antigua – Round 3 of the Digicel Regional 4-Day Tournament, starting today, is shaping up to be packed with intrigue, following a couple of earth-shattering results last weekend.Jamaica Scorpions will host current leaders Barbados Pride in the feature match of the round at Sabina Park; Trinidad & Tobago Red Force will face a buoyant Leeward Islands Hurricanes at Queen’s Park Oval and Windward Islands Volcanoes will meet two-time defending champions Guyana Jaguars in a day/night affair, starting tomorrow, at the Darren Sammy National Cricket Ground.In Kingston, Jamaica: Both the Scorpions and the Pride found their groove in the second round, leading them to confident victories. The introduction of pace-bowling points this season has made things very tight in the Championship table.The Scorpions are fifth – following their 41-run, come-from-behind win over the Volcanoes – and are a mere 3.4 behind the Pride with the Hurricanes, Jaguars and Red Force bunched in between.This means both teams have an incentive for a big haul of points this weekend to see if they can create some daylight between themselves and the rest of the teams that have put themselves in the frame for the title early. In the last five matches between the two sides at this venue, both teams have won twice and the Pride dominated the other which was a draw.So it comes down to which side will show greater heart over the next four days, since bowling appears to be the strength of the two teams, but the batting will hold the key to the result.In Port of Spain, Trinidad: The Hurricanes will be fresh from their record-breaking run chase that should give them far more confidence and the Red Force will be smarting from a thumping at the hands of their arch-rivals.This match will confirm one way or the other which of the two sides is the genuine article. The Hurricanes will be looking to prove their best starts for several seasons has been down to proper preparation and careful planning, and the Red Force will be looking to debunk any questions about their legitimacy.The two sides have shared the last four matches played between them in Trinidad which indicates that neither can afford to take the other lightly.The Hurricanes, on paper, appear to hold the edge with a number of regulars, but the Red Force can be a difficult side to overcome in their conditions when they put their collective minds to the task.In Gros-Islet, St Lucia: Both the Volcanoes and the Jaguars will be looking to rebound from demoralising defeats in the previous round.The Volcanoes failed to chase down a modest target of 105 against the Scorpions, and the Jaguars failed to make the inroads into the Hurricanes’ batting, conceding the highest fourth-innings total to win in the history of the modern (1966 onwards) R4-Day.History favours the Jaguars: They have won the last four contests between the two sides at home and on the road including last year’s match at this venue.last_img read more