iPhone is worlds thinnest smartphone after Samsung complaint dismissed

first_imgWhile Apple is busy filing lawsuits against Samsung regarding the design of its products, Samsung has taken an opportunity to complain that the iPhone 4 is not the world’s thinnest smartphone as claimed in an Apple advertisement. Samsung believes its own Galaxy S2 is actually thinner, and therefore Apple is making false claims.The iPhone 4 is 9.3mm thick, but the Galaxy S2 is only 8.71mm thick. That’s a clear win, right? Not according to Apple who has now been backed up by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK.The point of contention is the thickest part of a smartphone. While the majority of the Galaxy S2 is indeed 8.71mm thick, it has a bulge at one end that increases the thickness to 9.91mm–much thicker than the iPhone 4. The ASA agreed with Apple that Samsung can’t claim world’s thinnest smartphone because of this, and because the iPhone 4 is no thicker than 9.3mm at any point, it gets to keep stating the title of world’s thinnest (for now) in adverts.Manufacturing a handset thinner than anyone else is a significant marketing advantage to have as it can be put to good use in advertising. It also helps sell the device because people generally associate thinner with more advanced hardware and an easier to carry around device.Although Apple can sit back happy in the knowledge it got the world’s thinnest smartphone title affirmed, will the iPhone 5 maintain it, or has some other manufacturer got a phone in development that will be thinner without a bulge? I’m confident Samsung won’t be too happy with this ruling by the ASA and is hard at work figuring out how to remove that case bulge for the next Galaxy S smartphone.via theguardianlast_img read more