Oculus Rift takes 90 year old Grandma to Tuscany

first_imgFrom the perspective of someone who is constantly using technology, Oculus Rift is an impressive leap forward. From the perspective of someone who was alive before having a television in every home was even close to normal, Oculus Rift is nothing short of magic.Putting on an Oculus Rift is the closest you can get to being teleported to another place. The headset is designed to block out all of your vision, replacing it with the curved images generated by the display in the headset. The two optical sockets makes sure there’s nothing else in your field of vision than the images being generated by the computer. Combined with the head tracking sensors in the headset, it is very easy for any user to become truly immersed in whatever is being shown on the display even if you’re deeply familiar with how the technology works.Imagine using something like Oculus Rift from the perspective of someone who doesn’t sit in front of their computer all day. Someone who doesn’t read technology websites, or has no desire to stand in line on the day the next great smartphone or game console comes out. Take that person, and sit them down in front of an Oculus Rift, and see what happens.One Rift developer sat his grandmother down to the Tuscany demo, which is available to any Rift developer. This demonstration is a 3D rendering of Tuscany that the user can walk around, including the ability to walk down to incredibly real looking water and watch the reflections and ripples.This is a perfect example of a use for Oculus Rift that has nothing to do with video games, and everything to do with an all new form of virtual reality. The ability to send someone to another place altogether.As we look into a world powered by Google Maps Street View and the HFR cameras being used in movies, it’s not hard to imagine a time not too far in the future where someone could slide on a Rift headset and be convinced they are somewhere they may otherwise never have been able to visit.last_img read more