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first_imgJason WolffTalking TravelTrafalgar Trafalgar Managing Director, Jason Wolff commenced his role in late April 2019, bringing with him over 15 years holding various senior positions in the travel, FMCG and retail sectors.Travel Monitor caught up with Jason for this week’s Talking Travel. Here is what he had to say.What does your job involve?Heading up our team to drive awareness of the Trafalgar brand in the Australian market and making it one of the country’s most preferred travel brands. We do this through the work of our Marketing, Sales and Contact teams based in Australia.What do you enjoy most about your profession?I love that I get to spend most of my day talking about incredible travel products and experiences. I walk away from a meeting thinking about how passionate our team is and how much I can’t wait to do my next Trafalgar trip.What are the biggest challenges for you in your profession?The pace of change in the industry is rapid. Keeping up with trends, technology and continuous improvement can be challenging, but also rewarding when you see new initiatives come together that make for a better and more sustainable industry.What do you think are the biggest challenges the industry faces?Managing our impact on the environment and the cultures we engage with. We need to ensure we are leaving destinations in the same or better condition than when we first visited and also ensure that our presence is supporting traditional cultural values.What do you think will be the biggest game changer in the travel industry in the next 12 months’?Sustainability initiatives developed by travel companies is a real consideration for our agents and our customers. Companies who can’t recognise the demand for sustainable travel will begin to lose relevance with consumers.Who inspires you most and why?My nine-year-old son Carter. He is fortunate enough to have travelled to many places around the world and his perspective on life is so genuine and open minded. He shows genuine concern for the environment and respects the differences in cultures of the people that he meets. I don’t know a kinder more genuine person than him, and I hope as he continues to grow up that these are values that he maintains. I think he is a great example of how travel can have such a positive impact on people’s perspectives.Who would you invite on your next holiday if you could choose anyone and where would you go?It’s a cliché, but any opportunity I get to spend more time with my family travelling is ideal. My next dream trip would be one of our Family Experiences in the Mediterranean as I love being by the water – such as our Greek Island Hopper, where we can get the perfect balance of the slower lifestyle swimming and eating the local delicacies and connecting with the wonderful culture, history and the locals.Contact Email – [email protected]last_img read more