Eschers Waterfall brought to life on video

first_imgOne thing you can say about Dutch artist M.C. Escher is that the man had a way with twisting your brain with his optical illusions.  Take for example the work called “Waterfall” that he created back in 1961. This impossible drawing shows what appears to be water running uphill before descending back onto a watermill wheel.Now if you think that Waterfall looks crazy on paper, imagine how we felt when we caught a glimpse of it created in real life. A YouTube contributor by the name of mcwolles looks to have achieved the impossible by building a physical version of Escher’s Waterfall that actually works.Of course we are not going to tell you that there isn’t some sort of shenanigans going on here. We all have been on the Internet for way too long to simply believe there is a paradox machine out there. Since, however, the camera angle never changes in the video, your guess is as good as ours as to how mcwolles performs this trick.It almost gives your brain whiplash just thinking about it.Read more at YouTube, via Gizmodo.last_img read more