Kitson Town All-Age Installs New Prefects and Celebrates National Heroes

first_img “Don’t believe that if you waste today, there will be much opportunity for you tomorrow. Some might be able to bounce back, but some won’t. What you waste today, you might not get it tomorrow,” The St. Catherine-based Kitson Town All-Age School, installed its new prefects and celebrated the work of the National Heroes, during a special function held on Wednesday, October 16, on the school grounds.The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) participated in the celebrations, presenting the institution with several publications on Jamaica’s Heritage.In her charge to the new appointees, Principal, Nerica Powell-Hay, said the prefect system is designed to empower and to assist the students in their leadership journey.“We, at the Kitson Town All-Age School, believe that you are an important asset to our institution. This opportunity will propel you to new heights. We promise to travel alongside you as you develop your strength, and explore new ways to enhance your self-awareness,” she stated.She told them that they were elected to represent the entire student body and encouraged them to do well and motivate others. “Lead by example and be trustworthy. This quality will endear you not only to your teachers, but also to your classmates. Have a support system that includes your parents, classmates and your teachers, they have your best interest in mind, and they will push you to success,” Mrs. Powell-Hay advised.In his address, past student at the school, and Reporter at the JIS, Garfield Angus, who presented the publications on behalf of the agency, encouraged the student leaders to emulate the country’s heroes and stand for what is right, even if this will make them unpopular among their peers.He also urged the students to make good use of their educational opportunities.“Don’t believe that if you waste today, there will be much opportunity for you tomorrow. Some might be able to bounce back, but some won’t. What you waste today, you might not get it tomorrow,” he pointed out.Meanwhile, Bishop Rowan Edwards, who was the guest speaker at the function, encouraged the students to have a clear vision for their future.“You have to plan towards your future; the future of your school, the future of your family, the future of everything that surrounds you. You have to make sure that your vision is intact. The National Heroes, they were looking way ahead, that’s why they put up the fight that they did. They fought hard to make sure that this country becomes what they wanted to see. Now, they are all gone, we who are here have to be thinking what we want for our future, so your vision is important,” he stated. The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) participated in the celebrations, presenting the institution with several publications on Jamaica’s Heritage Meanwhile, Bishop Rowan Edwards, who was the guest speaker at the function, encouraged the students to have a clear vision for their future. Story Highlightslast_img read more

NS looking for more foster parents especially African Nova Scotians

first_imgHALIFAX – Nova Scotia needs more foster parents — with a particular emphasis on African Nova Scotians — even after the recruitment of 80 new foster parents, officials told a legislature committee on Tuesday.There are currently 684 children in foster care, with 663 total homes, but the numbers fluctuate, said Nancy MacLellan, associate deputy minister of the Department of Community Services.“Our social workers could get a call tomorrow and we could have a family of four that needs care, so in an ideal world we’d have approved foster families that are waiting for children,” said MacLellan.She told the committee that an additional $1.6 million in supports announced last July have helped, and resulted in about $900 more per foster family per child. The changes included increasing the per diem rate per child, and raising the babysitting rate and the amount families receive for recreation.“Which are pretty material increases, and still … we want to do more,” MacLellan said.She said work is also being done to reduce approval-process red tape, and on recruitment efforts in African Nova Scotian communities as part of boosting the numbers of available foster parents.“These measures contributed to an increase of more than 80 foster parents in the last year and we still are always looking for more foster parents,” MacLellan said.Leonard Doiron, the province’s executive director of Child, Youth and Family Supports, told the committee there is an increased emphasis for social workers to delve into foster children’s backgrounds in order to address cultural needs.He said greater efforts are being made to gather information which is often noted in the files of social workers, although there is no formal tracking process in place.They have also increased outreach efforts, he said.“Our teams are working very hard to work with community groups to give them voice and choice and to inform us about what their needs are.”Later, Doiron said the numbers provided to the committee included about two-thirds of children under the province’s care, noting that foster care isn’t appropriate for all children.He said although recruitment numbers are on an upward trend, the needs remain for foster parents who can provide more specialized levels of care and for homes better suited to a child’s cultural background.The biggest challenge, Doiron said, is the need to adapt the foster program to meet the needs of diverse modern families, where most often both parents work outside the home.“The needs of the children are different, the prospective foster parents, their needs are different, he said. “All of these things have to be re-thought and transformed.”NDP committee member Susan Leblanc believes the government funding hike for foster families has helped, but she said a bigger help would be more resources at the “front end” for families who are in crisis.“So that perhaps we don’t need as many foster families because children can stay in their homes and families can stay together with the proper supports,” said Leblanc.Progressive Conservative Barbara Adams also applauded the changes, but called for more training resources for potential foster parents.“The more we can do to help the foster parents succeed and have an enjoyable experience the better,” Adams said.The total cost of foster care in 2017-18 was $15.7 million, including for per diem payments, competency payments and the maintenance of children in care.last_img read more

When bingewatching means freedom

first_imgDoes boredom makes you snuggle in your bed and finish a complete season of your favourite TV series in one day? Then, my friend, you’re addicted to binge-watching.Binge watching as a term was often used in the 90’s where the DVD’s comprised of all the seasons of a particular TV show. But now with the coming of Netflix, the prevalence of torrent downloads and YouTube where seasons are available, one is easily able to watch their favourite shows in one go. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’But why is it that some people watch the whole season consisting of more than 10 episodes (half an hour long episodes) in one go? Ayush Madan, a third year college student from Indraprastha University said: “I have the patience to see the whole season in one day. The anticipation of what happens next in the plot of the particular series makes me impatient. It is hard to even wait for the next day’s sun to rise.”For some, priorities are set where they have fixed their time for fun. Akash, an IT professional has fixed half an hour everyday to see his favourite TV show ‘Game of Thrones’. He said: “I do not want to fall sick binge watching TV shows for hours. I love watching the TV series but it is hard to just lay in your bed and watch them all in your laptop. I take my time and watch a TV series like it comes on TV, the only difference being that I pause and play when I like.” Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixWeekends are people’s only hope for some fun as the weekday’s grinding takes a toll on the soul. College students, office-goers and some of the enthusiasts are willing to give up on their sleep to watch certain shows. According to senior Psychologist Dr Vasantha R Patri, parents are to be blamed for such behaviour in their kids. She said: “When the child’s travelling and socialising becomes expensive for the parents and they refuse to send their adult dependent children to explore some other entertainment options, this continuous TV-series watching becomes the source of their entertainment and such exposure makes them addicted.” It is also assumed that some TV shows create a kind of crisis in the heads of those binge viewers after a season ends and the new one is awaited and to this Dr Patri said: “TV show producers always have something new to give to the viewers so that they can get hooked on again and hence it becomes easy for an individual to move on from one TV show to another.”But for a young DU student like Aishwarya, binge watching is the only source of freedom. She says, “I don’t care what people say but I feel a sense of loss when a series ends. Like people are still waiting for a Harry Potter Prequel, I am waiting for my favourite TV show. I don’t like to socialise much and hence my laptop with unlimited internet is my happiness.”last_img read more

Netflix open sources Zuul 2 cloud gateway

first_imgNetflix in their tech blog announced that their popular cloud gateway Zuul 2 is now open-source. Zuul 2 was announced back in 2016 is Netflix’s Java-based API gateway that handles all the request for Netflix’s user base. Zuul 2 is the front door, acting as a filter to any request that comes into the Netflix’s server. This gateway monitors the request and routes the request to the appropriate service to then act on the request. Zuul, in a way, is responsible for keeping Netflix standing strong and fulfilling your streaming requests. Netflix is known for open sourcing a lot of the tools developed in-house for the community. Zuul 2 is a battle-tested tool as it has been handling the massive Netflix infrastructure. Since its open sourcing, the developers have an option of a more resilient tool that can be used in their infrastructure architecture. Netflix promises to keep the security aspect intact for the open source Zuul 2. Also to add to this news, Netflix announced some more features for Zuul 2. Here are the feature additions: Server protocols: Zuul 2 has full support for HTTP/2 connections. Also, Mutual TLS will enhance Zuul’s operation in secure infrastructure. Resiliency features: To increase the availability, Netflix will be adding a feature called Adaptive Retries that is used on Netflix. Also, it would be adding configurable concurrency limits for protecting the origins from getting overloaded and separating the other origins that run behind Zuul. Request Passport: This feature will enable the Zuul server to track all events that occur for each request. This will allow you to compute the asynchronous requests for better availability of your services. Status Categories: This feature helps you categorize the requests by extending the success and failure state in terms of HTTP status code. Request attempts: It tracks all the proxy attempts and provides you the status of each attempt. This really helps to identify the retries and to debug the routing. Zuul also has enhanced self-service routing, load balancing, anomaly detection, among other primary features that Netflix uses to keep the infrastructure secure and running. Netflix has released several other tools including Titus (container management), Conductor (microservice orchestration), Hystrix (cloud management), Vizceral (traffic management), among other efficient tools that can be used in large infrastructures. You can read Netflix’s announcement blog to get more insights on the future development in Zuul 2. Read Next What software stack does Netflix use?last_img read more