‘Jue You Bad’ Artist QUEEN V Raps on Celebrity, Motherhood

first_imgAvenette Sirleaf (Aka Queen V), Liberia’s oldest female rapper, has most definitely worked hard to obtain the status “Godmother of Hip-Co” over a period of sixteen years (16yrs).From dancing on stage at age of 15, this “Jue You Bad” female knows exactly how to rock the mic with her standard rap flow and western fashion trends.The tatted up female, who is always seen wearing different kinds of dark designer stunners, was born in Monrovia at the Cooper’s Clinic on Sept 17, 1982.  A mother of two, this 31-year-old rap icon started her musical career at age 15 as a dancer. Many times at local basketball games, hungry crowds looked out for the most outstanding andcaptivating performances of the young Queen V alongside dancing partner Queen B, which redefined girl dancers in the early 90s. Now at age 31, the game has still not changed.Queen V, who has always been admired for her bold and spectacular performances, always making sure she leaves her fans in awe, is now an award winning artist for best song of the year 2013 for her track, “Jue You Bad” featuring Tan Tan B and DenG. She is also known for hits songs like “This is where I’m from” featuring Cypha the King, Nasseman, and Takun J and many more.Recently, the very bold and sassy queen of hip-co has been silent and kind of MIA (Missing In Action). Lib Life thought to checkup on her about her latest developments especially with the latest news on her her newborn baby.Sporting a leotard printed dress with matching headscarf and shoes and, as always, a dark Luis Vinton stunner, she doesn’t hesitate to fill us in on what we’ve been missing out on.Lib Life: hey… Avenette, thanks for having us.Queen V:  Thank you too for having me,Lib Life: Tells us, how do you deal with all the attention, knowing you’re the most experienced and the godmother of this rap game in Liberia?Queen V: Well I’m calm about, you know, being the baddest, I’m not you know crazy, like crazy-crazy and letting it get to my head. I know how to deal with fame, I’ve been in this game for a very long time now so I’m focused and basically I deal with it in a very mature way, which is being the baddest!Lib Life: You’ve been missing in action for quite some time now. As a matter of fact, we didn’t see you at the sound city beach jam. Tell us, what has the queen been up to?Queen V: Well nothing much, just that I’ve just given birth and I’m recovering from a C-Section. I wasn’t at the show because I am recovering.Lib Life: Wow. That must be tough! Is he your first?Queen V: Oh No! He’s actually my second giant. My first child who’s also a boy is thirteen years old now. I have two giants now.Lib Life: Wow… I must admit you’re beautiful. So what’s the secret keeping up with being a mom of two and at the same time being the Queen V of LIB?Queen V: Oh Thank you and all I can say is, the secret is simple, being the baddest! That’s just it.Lib Life: Now lets go back to your pregnancy cause I’m sure not everybody was aware of it.Queen V: They all knew I was pregnant. My pregnancy wasn’t a secret. I performed the entire time I was pregnant. I did so many shows, so now, they’re just finding out that because of the C-section I just had, I couldn’t do any performances and that is why I wasn’t at the show on the 15th. My fans know I don’t let them down (laughing hysterically).Lib Life: You just won an award for best track of the year, for you song “Ju you bad”, how does that make you feel?Queen V: Well ummm I feel great! I feel amazed, I feel happy, I feel so overjoyed that all the hard work I’ve put into this game is finally starting to pay off.Lib Life: But did it ever occur to you or cross your mind that the song would have gone that far? That is as far as winning an award?Queen V: I knew it was a hit song when it was being recorded in the studio. I knew instantly it was a hit, I knew it had potential of going very far, very very far.Lib Life: And who would you say was your inspiration to the track?Queen V: Myself! I was thinking of myself. Am I not bad???Lib Life: Oh of course you are!Queen V: Exactly! I was thinking about myself darling cause I know I’m bad! Believe me!Lib Life: So what you’re saying basically is the song was all about you.Queen V: Yeah that’s right. And then if you’re singing it and you are a female; just know you’re bad too. It’s not really necessarily about Queen V but you could also put it in your shoes as well, you can be a bad chic, which is good!Lib Life: So tell us when will Queen V come out of that hiding place of hers and give her fans what they always expect?Queen V: (Laughing) Well basically, because I have just given birth, I have to heal. I thought it was going to be a normal delivery but it turned out not to be. So once I’m healed, Lib’s going to know what’s up.Lib Life: Any goodies stored up for your fans while you’re taking time off?Queen V: Oh Yeah, most def! I got couple of tracks I did alongside “Jue you bad”, and so I’m working on their videos.Lib Life: But don’t you feel bad a little? I mean missing out on a chance of some possible collabos with two of the foreign artists that came?Queen V: Believe me, I don’t feel bad or consider it as me being left out. In fact, I think I am the reason why I was left out.  If I was well I would have been with them. I’m happy because I just had a baby and he’s my little joy!Lib Life: Ok so, lets talk about this new joy of yours a little.Queen V: (laughing) No no, he’s private. He’s not the celeb here. So no! And don’t even ask about a name cause you’re not going to get it. I’m keeping my baby out of this; he’ll come into the publics’ eyes very soon.Lib Life: And how is older brother taking it? How does he feel about his little brother?Queen V: Oh my gosh! He’s so excited. He’s 13yrs old so he’s a big brother. He’s very happy to have a sibling now, you know, very happy. The baby is still young but he can’t wait to start feeding him once he gets a little older.Lib Life: And how does he handle the fact that his mom is a public figure?Queen V: I mean a lot of times he goes to school and sometimes he tells me, “mommy I heard this about Queen V” and he would ask whether it’s true or not and I make him understand that not everything he hears out there about his mother is true. So if he hears something that is wrong about me, he’s not going to confront you about it, but will rather wait till he gets home and talk to be about those things he heard. And I tell him exactly what’s going on.Lib Life: Oh that’s really fantastic. So you being a musical idol for many young ladies out there and you’re also a mother. What advice do you have to other young struggling mothers out there trying to make ends meet?Queen V: Well I would say as a teenager, protect yourself while you still can, pay attention to school cause once you’re learned, you’re guaranteed to excel in life. But for those who were very unfortunate and ended up having kids already, I would say abstain now from just having casual sex and concentrate on going back to school.Also concentrate on being a good mother to your child because those kids, they didn’t ask you to bring them into this world. It was your decision, so it’s your responsibility. Even if the father of that child is not willing to be a responsible father, I believe the mother should be a responsible mother. I think often times you hear people saying, “I’m the mother and father of this child”, so I mean young ladies, young girls should follow that path.Lib Life: Sweetz of Red Eyes Entertainment once in an interview expressed, wanting to do a collabo with you, how you see that?Queen V: Oh really??? Well that sounds good. You mean Sweetz the first lady right? Well yeah that sounds like a good idea, I mean she should reach out to me, anytime I’m available.Lib Life: And what about this rumor of you and Tan Tan B sparking up a little romance?Queen V: (laughing so hard) Come on! Tan Tan and I work together! We’ve worked on so many projects before “Jue you bad” but apparently “Jue you bad” turned out to be the bomb. Basically Tan Tan and I went to school together, we attended J J Roberts United Methodist School way back in the days, so we’ve known each other way before this music game. So he’s just my real good friend and he’s a godfather to the baby. Please! Liberia, Tan Tan is just and only a friend!Lib Life: We got you loud and clear ma’am, so is there anything else you’ll want your fans to be aware of while you’re still in your hide out?Queen V:  Hehehehe… Ah, they need to know, infact they already know what I’m capable of and they should know that when I do bounce back; I mean “Jue you bad” was just something like a teaser but with the other videos I’m going to be working on, they’re going to be crazy! I mean the bomb! So let them watch out, the queen was expecting, the queen has given birth, the queen shall return.Lib Life: Right! Anyways Queen V it was great chatting with you and we wish you a speedy recoveryQueen V: Yes ma’am!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more