By Raya Al Jadir The only wheelchairuser to secur

first_imgBy Raya Al JadirThe only wheelchair-user to secure accreditation as a nightclub bouncer is fighting “discriminatory” new rules that have led to the loss of his licence, just as he is being recognised for three decades of community service.John Young is to be presented later this month with a British Citizen Award (BCA) – which recognises “individuals doing extraordinary things in the local community” – only weeks after being told he had lost his (pictured (SIA) licence because of new regulations.He had held his licence for six years, but it was downgraded in December because new rules state that a door supervisor must be able to escort a person up and down a flight of stairs and, if necessary, be able to restrain a customer.Although he has some martial arts training – has a blue belt in karate – he is unable to “sit on somebody”, as he says he would need to be able to do under the new rules, because of how long it would take to get out of his wheelchair safely.As a result, he can now work at retail locations such as Primark or Marks and Spencer, but not at licensed venues such as bars and nightclubs.SIA has told Young (pictured) it is looking at whether it will be able to make reasonable adjustments for him and other disabled people, but that any changes to its licensing rules are unlikely to be introduced until early 2017, because they would need to be approved by the home secretary.Even if that happens, he will have to complete another course – costing £240 – and resit his exams later in 2017 before he can resume his career.He said: “If a black or Asian or gay person can do the job, why can’t a disabled person? If you are not discriminating against others, why the disabled?”He said that “if SIA had their way then no disabled person would be able to apply for the licence in the future.“Given the right opportunity and reasonable adjustments being made, we can contribute to the economy.”He said his fight against SIA had been a “one-man crusade”, although he praised the support of his Conservative MP, Richard Harrington, and the Hertfordshire council-funded employment agency Work Solutions.An SIA spokesman said the organisation did not comment on individual cases, but was “committed to tackling equality and diversity issues”.He said: “Following a number of deaths and injuries involving physical intervention by door supervisors, we were directed by the Home Office to require all door supervision licence holders to obtain a top-up qualification on physical intervention when they renewed their licence in order to ensure public safety. “Those not wishing to take the top-up training are eligible instead to renew their licence as a security guard.” He said the top-up qualification “includes escorting and disengagement skills”, and added: “We understand that some door supervisors may not be able to complete the training that leads to the top-up qualification. “We are fully considering what steps can reasonably be taken to avoid the disadvantaging of disabled people, while at the same time ensuring the safety of members of the public.“Any proposals regarding amendments to our licensing criteria for disabled people would be subject to a consultation.”A Home Office spokesman said the department did not think there was anything it could add to the SIA statement.Young had wanted to join the armed forces as a child but was unable to do so because of his impairment.He decided instead to join the security industry, as it was “a way of serving the country and making it secure in some way”.He said: “I thought there are so many disabled people who spend huge amounts of money in pubs and nightclubs… so why not apply to security jobs and show people that disabled people like me can do the job.”He qualified after attending a college in Hertfordshire in 2009, where the only adjustment he needed was a scribe to write his answers for him, with his exam held in private with his own invigilator.Young, who also works as a disability awareness trainer, has been a member of the charity Bushey and Watford Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied (PHAB) since the age of 17, nearly 30 years ago.As a former chair of the club, which takes its members on activities such as bowling and rock-climbing, he has worked to improve access within the community and to promote PHAB’s work, as well as improving the outlook of young disabled people.He has also qualified as a disability athletics coach, and runs coaching sessions in the community.Young will be one of 33 recipients of a BCA medal of honour at a ceremony in the Houses of Parliament next week.He said he was “elated” to be recognised with a British Citizen Award, and added: “It is a good thing to be recognised, but I don’t do it for the applause, I do it because it is something that needs doing for the good of the disabled community.”He said: “I do what I can do; I know that if my work will help me that it will also help many other disabled people.“My voice is not just my own, but it is for the disabled community. For me, it is about keeping disabled issues and disabled rights in the public domain and in the public interest.”He added: “Sometimes I feel like a third-class citizen when it comes to goods and services, and in 2016 you should not feel like that.”last_img read more

The decision of some disability charities to sign

first_imgThe decision of some disability charities to sign contracts that prevent them criticising the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is proof that they cannot be trusted to speak up on behalf of disabled people, according to grassroots activists.Last week, Disability News Service (DNS) reported that – in exchange for lucrative government contracts under the Work and Health Programme – some organisations have promised to “pay the utmost regard to the standing and reputation” of work and pensions secretary Esther McVey (pictured).They have also promised in the contracts that they will never to do anything that harms the public’s confidence in McVey or her department.So far, Shaw Trust, Leonard Cheshire Disability and RNIB have confirmed that they have signed contracts – either with DWP or with one of the five main Work and Health Programme contractors – that include clauses that prevent them bringing DWP and McVey into disrepute.Shaw Trust is itself one of the five main contractors and has signed up to DWP’s contract and its “publicity, media and official enquiries” clause.RNIB has signed agreements as a subcontractor with Shaw Trust that say that it must have “regard to the standing and reputation” of DWP, do nothing to bring McVey and her department into disrepute in delivering those contracts, and must not “attract adverse publicity” to them.But it is unclear whether the wider clause agreed by Shaw Trust and the other main contractors – which applies to all their “affiliates” – also applies to all their sub-contractors, including RNIB.Leonard Cheshire said this week that its involvement in the programme was “extremely limited” and restricted to providing support in two London boroughs, but admitted that there was “a clause in our contact with Ingeus related to actions that brings Ingeus/DWP into disrepute”.It insisted that the clause “would not affect what we say publicly on issues related to the DWP or wider campaigning” and that it had no other contracts with similar clauses.It has so far declined to share the clause with DNS.Other disability charities that appear to have agreed to act as key providers of services under the Work and Health Programme, such as Action on Hearing Loss and the Royal Association for Deaf People*, have refused to answer questions about the contracts and clauses they might have signed up to.Another, Turning Point, said that it had “in principle partnership agreements with a number of organisations delivering the programme to provide specialist support when and if needed” but had “not been presented with nor asked to comply with such a clause”.By noon today (Thursday), Turning Point had failed to say if it expected to sign contracts at some point, which contractors it had agreements with, and whether it was concerned about the presence of the clause in contracts signed by the main Work and Health Programme contractors.Other charities mentioned in the contract documents, including Mind, Rethink and Carers UK, made it clear this week that they had not signed any Work and Health Programme contracts.But a spokesperson for the Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance – a network of disabled people and their organisations across England, whose members include Sisters of Frida, Equal Lives, Inclusion London and Disabled People Against Cuts – said the clauses were “further proof that disabled people cannot trust the charities to speak up for our best interests and that they put their financial interests ahead of the people they purport to represent.“Since 2010 the charities have consistently let themselves be used as cover by the government while they have continued to systematically dismantle our rights.“They have failed to speak out in any way that is appropriate given the severity of the situation we are facing.“Disabled people have many criticisms of the Work and Health Programme and the dangerous policies associated with it.“We can now add to that list that it is being used as a tool to buy silence.”There are major concerns about the Work and Health Programme, which is part of the government’s much-criticised Improving Lives work, health and disability strategy, with its “cruel and disastrous” emphasis on “work as a cure”, the placement of employment advisers in health services, and the continued use of benefit sanctions to “punish” disabled claimants.In the wake of last week’s report, DNS was contacted by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO), both of which were keen to examine the clauses.But the Disability Benefits Consortium, whose 80-plus members include Action on Hearing Loss, Leonard Cheshire, and RNIB, and which often speaks out on DWP issues, failed to raise any concerns.Its co-chairs refused to say this week if they were concerned that the clauses could harm the ability of the consortium or its members to criticise the government.Laura Wetherly and Phil Reynolds, DBC’s co-chairs, insisted that the consortium was “independent” and does “not hesitate to call for change when it is needed”, and that the coalition itself “is not signed up to these clauses”.They added: “The DBC cannot speak for or comment on behalf of individual members.”When asked whether they and the consortium were concerned about the clauses, they refused to comment.Kristiana Wrixon, head of policy at ACEVO, said she had been concerned to read the DNS report, and said that her organisation was now seeking clarification on the purpose of the media clause from DWP.She said the clause in the contracts signed by the main providers was “ambiguous and therefore open to wide interpretation”.She said: “The Department for Work and Pensions should clarify the purpose of the clause and publicly reassure those involved in the delivery of the programme that it is not meant to restrict campaigning and advocacy activity.”NCVO refused to say if it was concerned about the clause but said that it would be talking with its members “about how they’re working with the clause”.*An earlier version of this story said that Down’s Syndrome Association had refused to answer questions from DNS. This was not correct. The charity did not receive two emails containing questions about the Work and Health Programme, due to a mistake made by DNS. The charity has made it clear that it does not have formal links with the DWP and has not been asked to sign any Work and Health Programme contracts. Apologies for the error.last_img read more

Relics Stolen from SF Mission Church UPDATED

first_img Tags: crimes Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% The SFPD is asking for the public’s help in locating the historic Catholic relics.Anyone with information on this burglary or the whereabouts of the relics are asked to contact SFPD at 415-575-4444 or text-a-tip at TIP411 with SFPD at the start of the message. Two Separate Robberies on Capp StreetPolice also report that two males in their 20s robbed a 44-year-old man on Tuesday afternoon. The incident took place at 1:35 pm at the intersection of 25th and Capp streets. As the victim was walking, he was approached by the two suspects, who quickly pushed him against the wall of a building. One of the suspects then pulled out a folding knife and forced the victim to hand over his wallet. The suspects retrieved the victim’s ID, ATM card and wallet before fleeing in an unknown direction — the victim was able to get away unharmed.Two blocks over, on 23rd and Capp streets, two unidentified males confronted and robbed a 19-year-old man using a handgun at approximately 11:47 p.m. on Tuesday. The suspects approached the man and pressed the gun against his chest before demanding his smartphone, wallet and jacket. After taking the man’s belongings, the suspects fled on foot down 23rd street, heading towards Mission street.Crime is trauma and the county offers different services. Here is a link to a page of services.Victims of violent crime can also contact the Trauma Recovery Center at UCSF. In what the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) called a “brazen burglary,” one or more unidentified suspect(s) broke into the St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church, located at the corner of Folsom and Cesar Chavez streets, on the night of Sept. 14-15. The exact time of the burglary is unknown because there are no cameras on the property, but police believe it may have occurred between the hours of 10:30 p.m. on Monday to 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday.The church janitor discovered a chain used to secure the rear door of the building had been cut and strewn on the floor on Tuesday morning, and notified the police of the break-in.  The tabernacle inside of the church was damaged, and some items inside of it were missing. Among the stolen items were two 12-inch tall gold chalices and one 10-inch tall silver chalice, as well as a gold cross embedded with part of a bone of St. Anthony, according to the police report.Rosario Haro, office manager at the church, also said that the burglar(s) broke into a closet where equipment for the choir is kept–the closet door was damaged and a bass guitar was also missing.“It’s upsetting and its sad, especially that they took the relics,” said Haro, who said that this is the first time that the church experienced a burglary. “They are irreplaceable.”center_img 0%last_img read more

After decision to end protections for some immigrants advocates push back

first_img“This leaves 350,000-plus individuals and their families in limbo and is essentially continuing the sense of instability that the migrant community has to endure in this country today and has long endured,” she said.The decision by the Department of Homeland Security means that Nicaraguan immigrants nationwide who have temporary protected status will lose their legal immigrant status, possibly putting them at risk of deportation. They will not be allowed to work legally in the United States.Such protections are in place for immigrants of 13 nations, including 86,000 Honduras and 260,000 Salvadorans around the nation.“Deporting thousands of people to such dangerous conflicts is unconscionable,” said Carolina Morales, a legislative aide to District 9 Supervisor Hillary Ronen, at a press conference at City Hall Tuesday afternoon. “We will keep fighting, we will never give up.”With the loss of protected status, home and business owners could also face trouble securing or accessing their assets. In many states, drivers would lose their licenses. California allows undocumented drivers to obtain a drivers license, but it cannot be used as identification.Daniela Cardona, a recent San Francisco State University graduate in criminal justice, also helps out at the Centro Latino Cuscatlan in Emeryville. Both she and her mother, who owns an eco-conscious house-cleaning business, have protected status. Having just obtained a degree, Cardona said she’s concerned about getting a job without temporary status.  “I’ve done all my schooling in the U.S., it would be such a waste,” she said. Edwin Carmona-Cruz of La Raza Centro Legal, a resource center in the Mission, said ending temporary protected status is counterproductive. “This is what the administration kind of talks about, having people work legally and do things right,” said Carmona-Cruz said in an interview after the rally. “But they have done things right, they have worked legally, and now, in many respects, they have been shortchanged.” He and other advocates also took aim at the hypocrisy of sending immigrants back to countries ravaged by armed civil conflicts that the United States was heavily involved in.“It’s important for us to really highlight where this comes from and … how we’re turning our backs on these communities that are one of the most vulnerable in our society,” Carmona-Cruz said.In spite of the uncertain future for program participants, Cardona, Carmona-Cruz and other immigrant advocates urged TPS beneficiaries to take every opportunity to have an accredited immigration adviser or lawyer look at their case for any opportunity to secure permanent residency.Immigration advocates and organizers will also host an informational presentation on immigration on Sunday, Nov. 12, at St. Anthony’s Church at 3250 Cesar Chavez St. from 2 to 4:30 p.m. 0% The Trump administration’s decision Monday to end temporary protections for Nicaraguans has put hundreds of thousands of other Central American immigrants on edge. Advocates urged all residents on temporary protected status to look at ways in which they might become permanent immigrants. “We’re calling all TPS holders from all 13 countries, as well as Dreamers, to continue to seek legal counsel, because they may qualify for an adjustment of status,” said Lariza Dugan-Cuadra of the Central American Resource Center, or CARECEN.Marriage or family ties may make some TPS recipients eligible for permanent residency, for example, and recent court decisions have made findings that could help simplify that path as well.But the decision to let temporary protected status for the 2,500 Nicaraguans around the nation expire in 14 months leaves beneficiaries from Central America and other qualifying countries with little information about what will happen to them. center_img Tags: immigration Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

ENGLAND Youth coach Stuart Barrow has named an 18

first_imgENGLAND Youth coach Stuart Barrow has named an 18-man squad to face France in the second Test at Wakefield’s Rapid Solicitors Stadium on Tuesday April 2 (2.30pm).The Youth squad fell to a closely fought 34-26 defeat in the opening Test against France on Good Friday but Barrow, who has made six changes for the decisive second Test, is confident the squad will bounce back from that result on Tuesday.“There are a lot of positives to take from Friday’s game,” said Barrow. “It was an entertaining game and it showed the talent that we have in the squad and it also shows how well France are developing their players at this age level as well.“The boys were naturally disappointed with the result after the game. I think the biggest surprise for them was the physicality of the French squad but they were talking about what went wrong in the changing room afterwards and they all know what areas need to be improved.“Offensively we were very strong so we’ll be working hard on improving our defence for the second Test and I’m looking for a big response for the group as a whole and they’ve already shown a belief that they can go out on Tuesday and make a big difference.“This squad is all about development and if we can get a better performance out of the squad on Tuesday, regardless of the result, then that will be pleasing.”England Youth squad to play France:1. Max Jowitt (Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Stanley Rangers)2. Ash Golding (Leeds Rhinos, Stanningley)3. Jacob Ware (Leeds Rhinos, Westgate Wolves)4. Harvey Livett (Warrington Wolves, Rylands Sharks)5. Ryan Ince (Widnes Vikings, Widnes Moorfield)6. Harry Tyson Wilson (Hull FC, West Hull)7. Morgan Smith (Leeds Rhinos, Normanton Knights)8. Sam Hallas (Leeds Rhinos, Stanningley)9. Brad Parker (Hull FC, East Hull)10. Frazer Morris (Huddersfield Giants, St Josephs Sharks)11. Jake Moore (Wigan Warriors, Wath Brow Hornets)12. Liam Johnson C (Huddersfield Giants, Newsome Panthers)13. Jack Wells (Wigan Warriors, Folly Lane)14. Reece Brunt (Warrington Wolves, Latchford Albion)15. Jake Campbell (St Helens, Blackbrook)16. Liam Cooper (St Helens, Blackbrook)17. Jack Rush (Wigan Warriors, Rochdale Mayfield)18. Will Gledhill (Huddersfield Giants, Wakefield Westgate)Tickets for the second Test at Rapid Solicitors Stadium, Wakefield on Tuesday April 2 (2.30pm) are priced from £3 adult and £1 concession.last_img read more

NATHAN Brown is expecting a tough forward battle w

first_imgNATHAN Brown is expecting a tough forward battle when Saints lock horns with Catalan Dragons this Thursday.The two sides meet for the third time this season in a ‘winner takes all’ clash at Langtree Park; the prize a trip to Old Trafford next Saturday.“The battle will be won in the pack,” Brown said. “We have taken a lot of pride in what our middle blokes have done this season and we will need them to be as good again.“Catalan have done a great job and have beaten three of the top six sides in their last three matches. That shows what a good side they are.“You don’t get to this stage of the season if your roster isn’t good.“They have hung on in there and got two victories to come into this semi-final. They will come here feeling confident.”Saints progressed into the semi-finals courtesy of a 41-0 win over Castleford.Whilst that scoreline was obviously emphatic and impressive, it was more down to solid tackling and never say die defence.“Good defence is important, if you don’t do it well you put pressure on your attack and vice versa,” he continued. “We will need to do as well as we did in the Castleford match if we are to give ourselves the best chance.“We know what works for us and we have to do that well. We also know what doesn’t work for us, so it’s important not to do that. We need compete well and work hard.“We have had a week off and got through a good bit of training. We planned a week that has worked before when we have had a few games off. We have generally come off periods like that with a good performance and we feel it has been a productive week.”Tickets for the match remain on sale from the Ticket Office at Langtree Park, by calling 01744 455 052 or by logging on here.last_img read more

Saints will kick off their Betfred Super League ca

first_imgSaints will kick off their Betfred Super League campaign with a mouth-watering clash against Castleford Tigers at the Totally Wicked Stadium on Friday February 2 (7:45pm).The game will be the first time the two sides have met since THAT semi-final at the Mend-a-Hose Jungle and is sure to be one of the most anticipated ties of the season.All eyes will be on how Saints start their year after that heart-breaking loss – with Ben Barba entering his first full season with the club – whilst the Tigers will want to show Super League their year wasn’t a one-off.Justin Holbrook’s men then travel to the Stade Gilbert Brutus to take on Catalans (Saturday February 10, 6pm) – the scene of Theo Fages’ wonder offload – before preparing to face Huddersfield on the road 13 days later.The Easter Weekend has a traditional flavour for those nostalgic amongst us with the biggest derby in world rugby league against Wigan taking place at the Totally Wicked Stadium on Good Friday.Saints will then make the short journey to the Halton Stadium on Easter Monday to take on Widnes.Other fixtures to look out for are the Magic Weekend game with the Vikings in Newcastle on May 19 and the ‘double’ on the road at Hull (July 13) and Wigan (July 19), followed by a home clash with Warrington (July 26), to end the regular season.Saints will enter the Challenge Cup at the Sixth Round stage on the weekend of May 13, with the quarter finals played on the weekend of June 3.The semi final of the cup is on August 5 with the Final on August 25.The Grand Final this year is on October 13.Fixtures:RDDATEOPPONENTVENUELOCAL TIME1Friday, Feb 2 (Sky)Castleford TigersTotally Wicked Stadium7.45pm2Saturday, Feb 10Catalans DragonsStade Gilbert Brutus6pm3Friday, Feb 23Huddersfield GiantsJohn Smiths Stadium8pm4Friday, Mar 2Salford Red DevilsTotally Wicked Stadium8pm5Friday, Mar 9 (Sky)Warrington WolvesHalliwell Jones Stadium7.45pm6Friday, Mar 16 (Sky)Leeds RhinosTotally Wicked Stadium7.45pm7Friday, Mar 23Hull Kingston RoversKCOM Craven Park8pm8Friday, Mar 30Wigan WarriorsTotally Wicked StadiumTBC9Monday, Apr 2Widnes VikingsHalton StadiumTBC10Friday, Apr 6 (Sky)Hull FCTotally Wicked Stadium7.45pm11Sunday, Apr 15Wakefield TrinityBeaumont Legal Stadium3pm12Friday, Apr 20Huddersfield GiantsTotally Wicked Stadium8pm13Thursday, Apr 26 (Sky)Salford Red DevilsAJ Bell Stadium7.45pm14Thursday, May 3 (Sky)Catalans DragonsTotally Wicked Stadium7.45pm15Saturday, May 19 (Sky)Widnes VikingsSt James Park3pm16Thursday, May 24 (Sky)Castleford TigersMend-A-Hose Stadium7.45pm17Friday, Jun 8Hull Kingston RoversTotally Wicked Stadium8pm18Friday, Jun 15Leeds RhinosEmerald Headingley Stadium8pm19Friday, Jun 29Wakefield TrinityTotally Wicked Stadium8pm20Friday, Jul 6Widnes VikingsTotally Wicked Stadium8pm21Friday, Jul 13Hull FCKCOM Stadium8pm22Thursday, Jul 19 (Sky)Wigan WarriorsDW Stadium7.45pm23Thursday, Jul 26 (Sky)Warrington WolvesTotally Wicked Stadium7.45pmlast_img read more

Sinkhole forces closure on part of S College Rd Wrightsville Ave

first_imgCFPUA issues a Traffic Advisory for College Road and Wrightsville Avenue Intersection (Photo: CFPUA) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — If your commute home involves driving down South College Road or Wrightsville Avenue, you may want to find an alternate route this evening.CFPUA crews are making an emergency repair to a collapsed sewer that they say may be the reason behind a sinkhole at the intersection of South College Road and Wrightsville Avenue.- Advertisement – As of 3:45 p.m., crews were excavating the site to determine what repairs need to be made. Crews will be on site until the repair is complete.CFPUA crews have closed the outer northbound lane of College Road for one block in each direction of the intersection. Crews will also close the eastbound lane of Wrightsville Avenue.CFPUA says this emergency repair is not related to yesterday’s work near the same location. This repair is 100 feet from that location, but is a part of the same sewer line.last_img read more

Anglers struggles continue with wet weather

first_img Spanish mackerel are being caught along the beaches and around the inlets.Nearshore fishing is producing catches of king mackerel and mahi.Bottom fishing is producing catches of grouper, grunts, beeliners, pinkies and nice size black sea bass. Gulf Stream fishing is producing catches of billfish and mahi when the boats can get offshore.Related Article: Toddler hurt when tree falls onto house during stormClick here to read more from StarNewsOnline. Fishing (Photo: Pixabay) WILMINGTON, NC (StarNews) — The past week saw some rough seas and lots of rain with only a few fishable days for the ocean-going boats.Inshore fishing is producing catches of red drum, speckled trout, black drum and flounder. Surf fishing is producing catches of pompano.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Swimming advisories lifted for most NC waters

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (Press Release) — State officials announced Friday in most coastal rivers and sounds are safe to swim in again following Hurricane Florence. The press release says that bacteria levels now meet state and Environmental Protection Agency standards for swimming and other contact with the water.- Advertisement – The N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries’ Recreational Water Quality Program has tested a representative sample of established swimming sites in coastal rivers and sounds and found that bacteria levels do not exceed swimming standards.The precautionary swimming advisory for most ocean swimming sites across the coast was lifted over the past two weeks.Two places remain under advisory:Ocean and sound sites around Bald Head Island – these waters have not been tested because they are inaccessible. Recreational Water Quality officials will collect water samples once conditions improve and notify the public when deemed safe for recreational use.An advisory against swimming remains posted at a low-usage site 100 yards northeast of Gallant’s Channel Bridge in Beaufort. This advisory is not a beach closing, nor does the advisory affect the entire Beaufort area. Swimming advisories are for waters within 200 feet of the sign. State officials will continue testing this site and will remove the sign and notify the public when the bacteria levels decrease to levels below the standards. The sign posted reads as follows:Related Article: Volunteers needed to clean up Ev-Henwood Nature Preserve in LelandThe Recreational Water Quality Program tests waters for enterococci, a bacteria group found in the intestines of warm-blooded animals. While it is not known to cause illness, scientific studies show that enterococci may indicate the presence of other disease-causing organisms. People swimming or playing in waters with bacteria levels higher than the standards have an increased risk of developing gastrointestinal illness or skin infections.Recreational water quality officials sample 209 sites throughout the coastal region, most of them on a weekly basis from April to October. Testing continues on a reduced schedule during the rest of the year, when waters are colder.last_img read more