Some problems must be paid attention to in the early planning and promotion

many webmaster is in a hurry to buy the domain name, the purchase of space, and can’t wait to DISCUZ or network or CMS of the program up, the site set up, but in fact these are not considered the primary planning and positioning errors committed by the webmaster. I’m here to talk about how to build a new webmaster should be the most basic steps of a station, only to develop good habits and procedures for the management and development of your site is the most helpful.

1: domain name registration will not rush to build the site, you first need to do is to do an HTML page up, your previously planned web site name and keyword positioning and related SEO basic optimization work to build up.

second: in the 2 months after GOOGLE and Baidu has been included, now you can build your website and forum, website set up after the notice must not delete your original HTML file, but you do not use the default page file HTML file. And here the most important thing is that the new site is better to do a good job of the basic optimization of the SEO, the site’s key words, description and so on to do, and try not to change in a short time.

third: basic site optimization has been started, the website structure, website structure to follow the criterion is patient, not perfect, to be refined and specialized, closely combined with the positioning with you site classification or section


fourth: after the website run for a few days you find some need to adjust the need to modify, do not want to change, remember not to have a big move, not a two small section adjustment problem, but the structure adjustment of the advice to you is to draw up a plan, follow the principle of periodic adjustments such as, 3 months to adjust one or half a year to adjust the time, there is no need not urgent disorderly change, of course this website early before locating and planning work requires you to do, need to spend a little effort, thus avoiding random change.

fifth: the site built began to fill of content, enrich the contents here can be used to enrich the contents of the initial acquisition method or copy and paste special, but you need to pay attention to the acquisition and copying others’ content, this period never logged major search engines, do not use GOOGLE management tools. After you have a certain amount, such as after the acquisition to enrich the content of more than 500 months, you have a week of original and COPY others articles pseudo original work changes, adhere to a week about the accumulation of 20-30 of the original article, now you can do all the work search engine login, the administrator can also use the GOOGLE tools, Links also can begin to do, forum advertising, promotional work can be carried out Post Bar There is not much to say, here Admin5 has a lot of articles if you do these jobs.


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