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This site is

collected every day I will view the landing site (for reference) are summed up and they hope to help everyone, as long as it includes four parts: the data report, search engine, data center, information industry, industry community.

a data research report

1, Baidu data research center ———

Baidu holds 80% of the search engine market in China, with its huge search data source based on data research report must be more explanatory and higher credibility. Here is a free report, or a fee report. You can see some of the trends from the Internet, as well as the development trend of the internet. This is a good source of information. There are some of their network data analysis methods are also worthy of our network marketing staff to study. For example, to study the "Baidu Baidu data interpretation Kazakhstan six Premiere" web site: this feature a detailed analysis of the users of the "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" attention, with different responses to different users search data on it at the same time.

2, DCCI Internet data center ——–

China third party Internet market panorama monitoring and audience measurement platform, through the line, the line of different channels such as the use of professional and technical personnel of the combination of means for industry market, user audience in two directions, dynamic, accurate monitoring, measurement, statistics, analysis, research and forecast. Published here trend report also can be used as a network marketing staff to study the market trend of a data source, a good reference value.

3, CNNIC Internet research ——

China’s official Internet survey research center, its authority and objectivity has been widely recognized at home and abroad. The survey report issued by it has a high research value. Rare free research report.

two, search engine data center

1, Baidu – Chinese search list ———-

Chinese Search Ranking is a must see many webmaster website. Chinese search list is based on the amount of Baidu search data related to the number of keywords to search the list. Chinese search list is the wind vane of the internet. It reflects the popularity of the Internet in real time to provide you with online marketing index.

2, Google hot list —->

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