An example of news to hype the site

Recruitment site into 2007 Internet hotspots, small sites can be free to send information to seize the local market

is likely after the search, blog, video, Internet has become a hot growth in 2007.Said

calendar. That is to say, if you do not consider repeated job search success rate, at least 1/5 registered users from got jobs.

stations accounted for 37.7% of the proportion. At the same time, 55.7% of online job seekers believe that online recruitment can basically find their own work, there are 25.3% Online

    unexpected is that the recruitment network is not a professional recruitment website in a one-man show, some areas of the classified information site, local website forum, because

free release recruitment information, also by many enterprises favored. At present, the domestic large-scale talent website provides the service for the enterprise unit

, the annual cost in the thousands of more than. In some of the crowd, but also gathered a number of elite groups of small sites recruitment information is completely free.


    in Guangzhou, a famous work forum "nine to five" as an example, gathered tens of thousands of active Guangzhou commuters and white-collar workers. Release a free

information for tens of thousands of personnel recruitment is open, a great chance to find the right talent.

, small site and toll site coexist, seize the.

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