The luxury goods business without authorization into the unspoken rule consumers difficult to distin

Beijing, April 25, (IT channel Pan Da) luxury "fake" and no merchandise authorization problem has been the focus of consumer complaints. Has become the industry unspoken rule and the sale of luxury goods business without authorization, this phenomenon is a direct result of the luxury online shopping market dragons and fishes jumbled together false ones.

luxury without authorization into the industry unspoken rules

previously, Nanfang Daily reported a consumer to buy Burberry watches problems in a luxury business on the site, waiting for months after the repair from the electricity supplier to retrieve the watch, but the watch to failure again, consumers will watch to counter for the test, but he was told that the watch is a fake watch.

luxury "fake" sound can be heard without end, caused by such incidents continue to occur mainly due to the current electricity supplier of luxury goods mostly without authorization, so the source of goods is full of complexity, which makes the luxury business with questions from the brands of "down" and consumers to a great extent.

and for goods licensing issues, citing "Barron’s" the Wall Street Journal reported on the network before Chinese said, sales of Zippo (Zippo) lighter on some is tagged, and some just at the bottom of a mark. This leads to suspicion and speculation.

Zippo spokesman

research and company history carefully checked the lighter pictures said that these may be lighter in Japan or a country of illegal production. But Zippo and dealers have said, does not see the kind of no conclusion. And that is not authorized dealer.

also, for website sales coach handbags (Coach). Coach said that the only place China authorized to buy coach handbags is through its website or more than and 90 stores on the mainland. A spokesman for the company said only that the company was working closely with Chinese law enforcement agencies to enforce its rights, but declined to comment on the authenticity of the. IT channel on the matter to verify the matter, but the company declined to comment. According to informed sources, at present most of the domestic luxury goods business did not achieve brand licensing terms, some media reports of "fake" is not the product itself, but because without authorization, not recognized in the official certification.

The legal adviser

Chinese Internet Association Credit Evaluation Center Zhao occupation stressed in the case to define about "authorized" and "fake", although the related goods without authorization, but also if the original production would not constitute trademark infringement crime, the agent will not be able to prosecute related businesses.

senior business experts Gong Wenxiang also said that the current B2C enterprise sales of luxury goods basically is genuine, but the channel has a problem. In this industry, the authority and the professionals who are able to reach conclusions are really missing, and there is a real struggle for the channel.


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