Are closed platform Ali mother’s next step is nothing more than open up the Department of Ali advert

notify the tax authorities tax! (the simplest solution)

when I was in class, a classmate called me in the back, I head back to see, he took a book, the book along the edge of oh oh where bass bass bite, he said: "you look to me like a mouse, in the us." Indeed, there was a time when my study entered a rat, and the edges of many books and materials were gnawed into the shape of the mouse teeth.

in "Ali mother buckle 20% union fees and fees for technical services" on the issue, there may be objections from the Ali Mama, do not know the grassroots oppression habit, to oppression, or mom to refute, but why not dare to face the real people? Why take the virtual net, like a turtle like hiding in the corner to stab in the back to do, we do? In the face dignified and imposing up, I look at the humble is a spineless creature, this is not a business style, just a ghost shrinkage clown, just reckless with greed.

I wrote in an article in yesterday’s: the rich are dropped down from the sky? No, a large number of rich people are in relationships of breeding, breeding are in the reform and opening up loopholes in the breeding are state-owned enterprises in the restructuring process in the. In the transition from a planned economy to a market economy, a large number of rich people are not the source of the abnormal. The world, all is a benefit, money is everything has become the source of evil, the blind pursuit of money, and seek to means, is the root cause of social problems in comprehensive.

wrote in another article:


500, what is now 500 strong, to beat the top 500 ingredients, how much is the private economy, only a handful, which explains what the problem is? Investing a large amount of countries concocted out of the state-owned enterprises are the mainstay of the economy, this is nothing more than a relaxed, a step forward the two step of the problem. Continuously added to the list of the top 500 in the country, and how much is the local government or backing behind, if we take the government support alone on the side, we will find that the 500 strong, may be only 50, or 5. This is a question you have to think about and think about whether you will be able to play the market economy if you are out of government support.

how many of our businesses rely on bank loans and government financing support up? What kind of person you need a nanny, the children grow up, in the infant stage, in the Yi Yi language learning stage, in the walking instability stage, in the absence of school learning stage, when the children grow up don’t, to continue to nurse him? No, that is to resolutely break mom, that is to let him go to the market. The wind and rain, let him go to battle with heaven and earth. But we do business, have already grown up, but also to the nurse, and the nanny in the next care, for fear of falling bumped, this is the market economy to reflect on it?.


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