5 key points to share micro-blog marketing

said the promotion of marketing, 10 friends will have 10 different understanding, whether by any means, not the essence of marketing, that is the full release characteristics of the product itself, the more precise docking users can use the promotion of media has many kinds, micro-blog is one of them. For micro-blog marketing, different people have different views, it can be said that the threshold has been gradually improved, the past by activity, V rough promotion effect has been poor, but may be counterproductive. In order to achieve the desired effect, some ideas on the correct. Here are some of the lessons learned in the website promotion process to share with you.

first, micro-blog marketing does not need vanity face. In the past we will micro-blog compared to the notice board, after all the above traffic, communication barriers by means of a small, a micro-blog V can quickly achieve the visibility of the ascension, but with the development of network and enhance the quality of Internet users, simply seek exposure regardless of exposure behind the drainage will be products of their own negative great influence. JDB marketing events like this, you can get high curry favour by claptrap short time and attention, but after leaving a lot of attention will detonate the pit, the product image does not exist not to say, its future development is also cast a shadow. Therefore, micro-blog marketing is long-term, sustained, healthy and positive, although Durex is a selling TT manufacturers, but the copy creation always maintain a clear scale, which span the moral minefield, which appears to be just, is actually a marketing king must have the promotion of ideas.

two, micro-blog marketing pay attention to copy and product symmetry. Is not to say that your product will be able to fire at high exposure rate, and also is not to say that micro-blog would sell products as long as the exposure, although there is a high user stickiness community, attention is ideal, but the product and marketing body constitute a logical relationship, is bound to make the whole marketing process is meaningless even let people disgust. A large V in the country, weekdays and more sun pet photos and videos, a time when the flow is quite large, inter industry spread of a micro-blog bid 6 digits. For a time the crazy push advertising, women’s skin care products, health care products everywhere, which is obviously contrary to the theme of micro-blog, of course, you can say I value is concerned, but this apparent hard will contribute to the high conversion rate? This is not simply a fan of the economy, some red net live makeup and sell related products, seemingly hard wide, but in fact, mogujie.com shopping experience live version, the idea for the unity of subjectivity and the logic of products. Do not advertise in order to do advertising, like Baidu know those messages on the WeChat account, you really will add you?

three, make full use of the development opportunities brought about by good data. Data is cold, but the use of good will give us a great help to promote marketing. Through the analysis of data mining on the amount of fans, fans, fans of distribution area of sex ratio, a week Neiguan fluence changes, we can easily get the attention of the media "

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