Famous T blog TechCrunch appointed first blog CEO

Donews column March 18th news (IT columnist: Zhang Xuewei) famous IT blog founder Michael Arrington announced the appointment of Heather Harde as chief executive officer of TechCrunch (CEO) (TechCrunch). It is reported that Fawkes was Heather Harde (Fox Interactive Media) vice president of media, FIM’s head of mergers and acquisitions. Michael Arrington confirmed that Harde will officially take office at the end of the month, TechCrunch responsible for all operations except outside the text editor.

Michael Arrington also pointed out that the appointment of CEO reasons, in recent years, the rapid development of TechCrunch, has exceeded its personal control. The appointment of CEO can enhance the ability to seize the opportunity and have a positive impact on existing organizational management and future business expansion. According to industry analysis, the current TechCrunch advertising revenue is alarming and continued to rise, the appointment of CEO website revenue can be raised to a new height. Heather Harde will hold a stake in the TechCrunch after joining, therefore, the new CEO has the ability to more power in the commercial development of individuals and sites to seek a win-win situation. Reasons for this business perspective.

other industry insiders believe that the appointment of CEO TechCrunch highly strategic, the move aims to expand its media empire, its tentacles reach more areas of influence. More speculation that TechCrunch will enter the field of venture capital. Michael Arrington is well known for its focus on the development of WEB2.0 and is highly sensitive and forward looking for new businesses and new businesses. And this is a necessary condition for engaging in venture capital. Therefore, although he insists that the review is impartial and unbiased, it does not prevent him from engaging in risky investment. Introduction, recommendation, comment…… Investment? Heather Harde, the veteran SVP practitioners also can not help but have a positive association.

TechCrunch appointed CEO give up the imagination, the event itself, can give us a lot of inspiration. First, it confirms that the blog can also have great development! In a dedicated and persistent efforts, the blog can become an independent media, but also an important cause. CEO of a BLOG, however, TechCrunch in the first concern after the development of WEB2.0, once again opened the history of the first. We would also like to see Michael Arrington focus more on analysis and writing.

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