My opinion on the marketing of enterprise website (Part one)

enterprise network marketing is carried out around the enterprise website, network marketing, network marketing enterprises must have a strong corporate website as the basis, must let the company website to assume the entire enterprise network marketing support responsibility, after the enterprise website marketing center, to the development of other platforms.

one, to create a strong backing of marketing work

enterprise website as the root of all network marketing, so at the beginning of marketing must be on the need to promote marketing enterprise website optimization, now the main work has the following:

(a) to optimize the site browsing speed

web browsing speed is the site of the lifeline, such as Shenzhen Yijietong web browsing speed is too slow, affecting the user browsing speed is the main code is not reasonable, the website pictures and other media too much or too large, there are some unnecessary pictures occupy the download channel bandwidth, a large number of software website and the website code in the same virtual host. In fact, available to the customer to download the file software can be downloaded with a number of well-known stations, which is a win-win mode of cooperation, download stations will be happy to find someone else to cooperate. The image of the site, such as streaming media too much or too large also seriously affect the site browsing speed, the need for unnecessary pictures in the site does not affect the beauty of the deletion, or reduce its volume. Optimization of the site’s code is a long-term, but it is necessary to work, the code is simple and simple site users do not like, the search engine will like, this is the basis for the site to get a good ranking.

(two) for enterprise website search engine optimization

second step is of course for website search engine optimization, what search engines can bring traffic? What users want to access and understand the information on the website, users want to get what kind of information will provide what information, make a useful to the user site, this is the essence of search engine marketing the.

(three) to establish interactive enterprise website


website is best able to interact with the user, interactive enterprise website can let the enterprise directly with the end users, and allow the company to directly understand the needs of users, and users can also increase user stickiness of brand. Interactive business websites can also help users to solve all kinds of problems in the process of using the product, so that users can in the shortest time, with the most convenient access to the method to solve the problem on the Internet then, both for the convenience of users, the liberation of the company manpower. from the Ling Yu villas, please keep the.

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