WeChat how to add powder ntroduces several methods of WeChat gaban!


marketing is one of the most popular words, I am afraid the Internet industry in 2015, since the ten year old beauty and other major brands in the rise of micro inadvertently, domestic famous female cosmetics brands, female supplies brands have a little pool siege, in an attempt to micro business of this huge market share, and during the Spring Festival Gala micro shop advertising during the party constantly refresh the user’s attempt to tell: Micro era is coming, 2015 is the first year of micro business! With the convening of the first session of the micro Business Expo, is attracting many small sellers, Internet practitioners into the micro business, in an attempt to seize the market, a cup of soup. And all Internet products, all cannot do without the flow of two words, people flow, friends traffic, no traffic without the user’s Internet will sooner or later become Death net, introduce several unknown WeChat plus friends here to tell you the method, let your friends easily over January

million is not a dream!

: a target population analysis; as we do choose target keywords, WeChat marketing is to target population analysis, micro business must be considered a real problem that is before operation: our target population gender, population attributes, age and other issues, if we are friends not accurate, then our conversion rate will have a great impact. From another point of view, we added five thousand male friends, and just sell the female cosmetics, then congratulations, you are ready to fail. And through the analysis of the target population, for different groups of people to take different strategies will make us twice the result with half the effort.

two: for female friends plus friends method:

1: circle of friends: powder is the so-called non profits can not afford early, female participation in promotions, discounts, free delivery and other activities of the enthusiasm is far beyond our imagination, the one hand operation of jade jade Burma project, such products are mainly jade bracelets, jade pendant etc, most of the target customers are women. Therefore, we have sent a following information in their circle of friends: WeChat put forward this WeChat into their circle of friends, and then add WeChat number: XXXXX can get a 99 yuan worth of a woman in Burma Fei Cuiyu bracelet. With WeChat friends after their WeChat screenshot circle of friends photos can receive a limited number of first come first served. Then with a fine jade jade bracelet photos of the message sent after a week, the WeChat circle of friends was quickly filled, are interested in photos of the jade bracelet users, when the user to ask whether I receive gifts, the product is just delivered. If you look at my circle of friends? There are some very cheap jade, if love can free shipping. Because the user in forwarding your circle of friends, you know it is promotion, no leadership gifts will only complain they saw late, so does the WeChat main conflict, but will choose some products according to your introduction. This method after I test, the effect is very good! A single product price is not too expensive, three fifty dollars a week plus shipping, >

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