SEO Commissioner, you need to know your promotion goals

initial contact with the SEO industry, when listening to the concept is the so-called chain for the emperor, content is king. And more SEO novice are focused on the first half of the sentence: the chain for emperor. As for how to do the chain is not a correct way, we are the traditional practice of crazy hair chain, no need not its pole. In this regard, the guardian Kun Kun would like to talk about the topic is: why do we send the chain? What is the purpose of our promotional


why do we have to send the chain, we may be aware of the chain is the influence of the emperor’s words. A lot of people think that as long as enough of the chain, their website snapshot update fast, ranking good, high flow, natural also reached their goals. Is this really the case? In a few years before the release of the crazy chain really good results. With the major changes in the end of June 2012 to February 19th of this year, Baidu Scindapsus algorithm on-line, the garbage chain being hit more and more serious. Many of the site’s ranking and traffic becomes chilling, who is to blame? Blame Baidu? I believe everyone has a steelyard.

We do

purpose is profit, while the direct audience site is user (customer). So many owners have put forward the concept of the user experience. It is like standing in a row of the forum proposed profit trading theory: only the formation of the interaction between users, prompting transactions between users, so that users can make our profits profitable website. And Taobao, A5 and other sites because of adhering to this concept, they are now the leader in the industry. Here, the guardian of Yuan Kun in thinking about a problem, what is our purpose of the chain, just for the website ranking and flow? Believe it is just a minor, our ultimate goal is the formation of transformation, is profit. So how should the specific implementation of the promotion of the behavior of the guardian Yuan Kun think basically divided into the following areas.

one: to understand the purpose of our hair chain propaganda.

the purpose of the chain is very simple, or is to increase the site’s exposure, or is to improve the performance of the site. The former is to a large extent increase the influence of the website: brand. The latter to a greater extent to solve the fundamental problem: to profit. As many of today’s SEO workers, do not know why the chain. Just listen to the meaning of the director, in various types of Web site registration, and then publish their website information. How can this effect have? How many users will come from those sites on our site to become effective users? Because of charge released by the task, so we are crazy to spam all kinds of website. Ultimately only one of the sites, and even their own. (most people at grass root is IT, migrant workers, every day, tired of death). If we can understand the two important reasons we send the chain, I believe it will be more effective operation.

two: propaganda is not blindly instill ideas.

propaganda is not a simple idea, but in fact

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