Do not spend a penny on marketing secret trick free headlines

does not come up with the high cost of advertising to make your products are very famous, instantly appear in newspapers, large portal news headlines are not possible? Li Yong told you, this is possible, its core is mainly that you how to operate, use the appropriate time and careful planning can bring unexpected results to you. Teach you to fish than to teach you the way to give you a direct program to teach you how to plan better ways of thinking is very important.


down to earth time to do marketing

has a lot of festivals a year, each festival can become a gimmick to sell products, such as double 11 double 12, at the end of a series of activities such as the Qing Dynasty warehouse. The new year’s lottery, red envelopes, eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve believe we are not unfamiliar, has become habitual activities of companies. If we use these more down to earth time to do the marketing effect will definitely be the lever, why? Because too many people know that it is easy to become hot.

uses hot news to create things

hot news to borrow relatively recent fiery events, because of this "fire with fire" would be better, but these early news events have been had "very hot", we then do it will be easier, you can also be understood as leveraging it. For example, the recent company year-end bonus "Changqing" event is not a fire? Even if you do not believe you will have access to colleagues or friends told you about this thing, but at this time we are near the end of the year will be very concerned about this. If you don’t pay attention to these things the people around you may say you are out.

we can use this opportunity to "make things", in the absence of this thing happen, we need to take the initiative to create this thing, can take the recent hot news events pave the way, this will make your marketing effort.

use scarce news marketing

everyone will be interested in "fresh", whether it is for people or things, as long as things are very strange alternative will be a lot of attention. Scarcity of news that is currently on the market has not yet appeared news events.

recent fire to the explosion of the "money" event, why he can be so popular overnight? Because he get more money? Should not be, just send him money is very sharp, to attract the attention of everyone. If we come to the end of the year award for the company as the reason for the topic, to engage in a more sharp way out is not very fire?

For example, we have a "

company issued a year-end bonus directly out of wife can take home new year" or "company year-end bonus consolation prize for sexy kiss" and so on, such activities is also very attractive to everyone’s attention? That you’ll hit the fire, because there is no such event in the market you do, you are the first, and this kind of.

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