Why were talk about marketing, video tips to solve the enterprise popular keywords recommendation pr

today we solve an enterprise boss headache, the number of enterprises are engaged in a factory, a few products will go on network, most customers only pay attention to the general industry, a brand can do every day to search keywords reached 100 the number of enterprises, in the industry has is a famous enterprise, we see every day recommended enterprises Baidu search on the right is a kind of brand, sit every day the boss laughed, when peers will brag about, this is our company. Joke on here, now directly into the theme.

brand effect is what kind of


here I want to talk to you and you first small boss effect problem, if not to say clearly, you are not a clear idea of what you don’t know how I explain what the following, you naturally not so serious in watching it, it will lead you to a lack of understanding of some skills. In case I don’t see to that company’s case, it will be considered advertising.

I’ll do it on my personal name, open the Baidu search, as a result of a




this is a keyword ranking, as long as you enter the front of the word will appear behind the popular keywords, this effect greatly improves the exposure rate, the second is the number of long tail keywords brand also determines a company’s reputation, as two

Long tail keywords above

recommended, the following is why search, keyword recommendation made in the relevant search, this effect compared the boss you have seen, will click into the curious look, naturally reach our publicity. Anyway, we are not well-known, so many customers every day, in the short term to make customers earn popularity, we do enterprise site is well-known, a source of customers, nine words will naturally customers, bosses know, whether consumers or customers can see for the first time the determination to buy, only the brand in their minds deeply after they would consider buying, because this time the customers or consumers have recognition and confidence in our brand.

visibility is convincing


we look at the Baidu search in the upper right corner is divided into two patterns, one is the other people also found, this framework is actually enterprise works, enterprises can also make sure works, such as the nine magic is my work, we now talk about work is not work, to talk about the effect, if we provide the resources to be recommended to other people for this framework, then bring more than the name of the key effect, but the effect of industry in the industry keywords are recommended, if the enterprise.

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