Before joining WeChat or WeChat internet war fund balance treasure Edition

is known as the WeChat fund WeChat platform version of the balance of treasure, is expected to be launched before the spring festival.

so far, in terms of electronic business platform, the layout of the Internet giant in the financial sector has been the beginning of the outline. In addition to the upcoming WeChat "fund" variable, Minsheng Bank direct banking and other new is also joined.


giant pattern previews

as a business tycoon, it’s easy to pay treasure in 2013 July the central bank made third party payment license qualification, in October made the Commission to pay the settlement fund sales license. Suning as early as the first half of 2013 has set up a special group of fund products, and has been in close contact with the domestic more than and 10 well-known fund companies, may be launched in 2014, similar to the balance of treasure products.

and the third party payment license from the central bank and the Commission pay fund sales license issuing situation, the Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong and Baidu, Suning and other Internet giants are ready.

from the traditional financial sector forces are rushing. One of the most representative of the Minsheng Bank is preparing for the direct banking model, according to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, at present Minsheng Bank direct bank or card is still in the regulatory approval link.

but Minsheng Bank’s direct banking model has attracted the attention of fund companies, fund companies have revealed contact with the Minsheng Bank, the future or another channel to achieve the fund’s electricity supplier channels.

from the traditional financial sector and Chinese UnionPay, its subsidiary Baode Everbright UnionPay business has joint letter fund, launched a similar balance treasure Cash – rich financial products every day, and before the balance of treasure on-line for personal investment, mainly for enterprise customers every day rich.

the future, platform’s imagination or greater, a medium-sized fund business sector pointed out that in 2014 there may be a new giant to join, "and in the past are not the same, but the strength of the strong".

in fact, after the gradual arrival of the giant platform, the industry generally believe that the most viable balance treasure mode. The Celestica fund counter attack legend, now leading fund business model.

in fact, the original fund companies in the planning of electricity supplier channels, the basic is to shop Taobao model based, that is, to borrow electricity supplier platform as a channel to show and flow. However, the balance of treasure embedded subversion mode brings great success, making the fund companies can only be integrated into one.

but a similar case is obviously difficult to copy, the success of the balance of treasure also lies in its closed financial platform is Alipay the only product. An initial contact with ALI fund companies have pointed out that initially had the opportunity to participate in the balance of treasure, but due to a variety of reasons can not travel. He believes that even if the original participation, but also can not get the current balance >

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