Hu Jintao through the people’s network and online communication (record)

Hu Jintao, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee on June 20th morning through the people’s network and Internet users to communicate. The following is the record:

[host]: General Secretary Hu Jintao Hello, we know that you are very concerned about the development of the Internet, concerned about the development of the people’s network. Today you personally came to the forum, moderator and netizens are very excited and honored. Please say a few words to our friends.

[Hu Jintao]: friends, hello everybody! I am very happy to have the opportunity to meet with you today. First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere greetings and good wishes to netizens.

[host]: Thank General Secretary Hu Jintao greetings to the majority of users. Friends know you came to the forum, they are on posts, some netizens expressed thanks to general secretary Hu Jintao, as well as to you a lot of questions, I pick a few issues Niannian to you, please you and make a netizen exchange.

[Hu Jintao]: Although my usual work is busy, it is impossible to get online every day, but, I still strive to take the time to try to surf the internet. I particularly want to say is forum is the Internet I always will be the site of the election.

[host]: there is a net friend asked you, he called happy three: General Secretary, usually you see what the Internet content?

[General Secretary Hu Jintao] I log on hand to view domestic and foreign news; on the other hand, I also want to learn from the Internet users friends what they care about, what some of their views. Third, I would like to know from the Internet friends of the party and the state of the work of the views and suggestions.

[host]: Thank you, general secretary, it seems you can see a lot of friends. There is a netizen called little dragon, general secretary, netizens have made many comments and suggestions on the Internet, you can see?  

[Hu Jintao]: netizens put forward some suggestions, comments, we are very concerned about. We emphasize the people-oriented, governing for the people, so doing things, making decisions, need to listen to the opinions of the masses, on the wisdom of the masses. Through the Internet to learn about the people and the people together, and is also an important channel.

[host]: Thank you, general secretary. Dear friends, because there are other activities, general secretary Hu Jintao, in the forum with the power of the exchange of people here.

[Hu Jintao]: because of the time, it is impossible to make more exchanges with friends. However, some of my friends sent to me on the Internet, I will seriously read, to study. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish friends good health and smooth work, family happiness! Thank you

[host]: on behalf of users, thank you.

[host]: friends, online video live >

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