Thousands of oaks without leadership, interaction only leadership – Chen Yizhou missing that tone

      several years ago, thousands of rubber as Chinese Web2.0 and a banner, if the March 2006 pan Thousand Oaks, the Atlantic investment group (GA), DCM, TCV, Accel and Lenovo investment institutions totaled $48 million in the first inflection point of the second round of financing as the fate of the major layoffs in September 2006 as the second inflection point.

      DUDU, mop, from UUME, 5Q, DONEWS,, sharing software registration center, campus network, network intervention plus midway vague, thousand oaks in 2 years of accumulated nearly 10 sites, not only a wide range of Web 2 in the wave of popular concept in the client software and operating P2P live video and download software. Until today there is no or not say clearly that one is truly successful, in holding this way VC "learning", Chen Yizhou is the "chief of staff" should be said that the influence is very large, as a "burn money and under the pressure of reality to have creativity and leadership, the development strategy of 1000 the oak has been kept in the revised, which makes Chen Yizhou look is a very unstable, there is no clear direction in itself but on" this thing can make money ", he is a kind of theory that is love, to promote a user needs to spend much money, so he should be very suitable for accounting.

      a departure from Thousand Oaks staff recalled, his Wuhan product operations team, more than half a year, a total of 5 tasks were tested for new products, including network products, video on demand and client products, in fact, the trial operation of each product are not to 2 months ended. The students also had to run to school online show, he won the more than and 40 leg for the 5Q registered more than and 40 accounts, but these are too concerned about short-term benefits of the user, obviously can not become the core of a benign operation of the site. The premise of the pot food and water are not prepared, capital rich combustion and can only be a known result, more short-sighted is has a bad influence on many small entrepreneurial domestic websites and the entire Internet industry environment.

      in the industry to prove their ability to operate capital and has not been able to IPO before, Chen Yizhou lack of tone that can not be filled. VC is the most expensive way of financing, to review the history of Internet companies such as Google, Shanda, Baidu, its initial funding ratio and the amount is not large, the number of funds only decided never to business success factors, when a start-up capital can be neglected when other factors, led the capital may have been doomed to become the leader.

      Xie Wen has concluded, "Thousand Oaks >

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