Taobao businesses prepare for the double eleven to bid farewell to the oversold, explosion

for any Tmall business, the annual double eleven will not be too easy. The peak of the day of the outbreak of the massive orders are testing the ability of the business behind the stocking and delivery speed, where the storage, logistics, ERP supply chain management has become a top priority.

"five will reach" commitment

for this year’s double eleven, Wang Sisi has been tossing nearly six months.

The main person in charge of

for outdoor clothing brands in Columbia electricity supplier operations team, early in the first half, and her team conducted stress tests on the order system, warehousing, logistics and a series of links, to ensure that in the event of mass consumer orders, the whole system to normal operation and access. After a series of layers of argument, they gave the user this year, promised to reach the five day commitment.

looks like a simple slogan, 10~15 days delivery process behind it is not easy, compared to Taobao official requirements, five days will be reached simply limit on the ability of business challenges. While in previous years, these have become oversold, explosion in the double eleven term for having heard it many times, in the presence of massive burst of user orders, warehouse stocking of supply chain system, many businesses is not enough to support such a huge demand, often face a crash, the final delivery period is a month long, even many businesses have begged consumers take the initiative to return.

eleven this year, we are fully capable of doing 3 to 5 days delivery." Wang Sisi said with certainty.

Columbia’s confidence, thanks to e-commerce operators behind the ERP software vendors – Commercial software. The use of this set of mature systems, businesses can order matching, warehousing and logistics management system. In the preparatory stage, the business school sent a technical person in charge of real-time response support, make the adjustment and optimization of order processing, delivery process, data warehousing, and according to the transaction data usually, provides estimates of volume Columbia this year. On this basis, so that the electricity supplier team and courier companies, warehousing operators to accurately determine in advance.

"human cost savings of more than half." Wang Sisi told reporters that the daily volume of orders in Columbia daily turnover of tens of thousands of single or so, if in accordance with the previous manual handling of goods, at least more than and 10 people need to take full responsibility for the team.

but in 2011 after the introduction of the merchant system, only one person per day on duty can be, in the double eleven peak, up to a maximum of 3 people in order to deal with the entire team has been liberated."

double eleven behind the scenes


2013 double eleven sales of 35 billion, total transaction and business school clients reached 5 billion 300 million; the information obtained from Ali said that in the year eleven of the 26 thousand enrolled in the two businesses, including a large number of businesses are using business systems and services provided. Since its founding in 2002, the business school has accumulated more than