Expect the nternet to increase the financial benefits of Jingdong push class balance treasure produ

[as of Friday, Penghua Fund Class balance treasure products value added treasure the average yield of 7 years of less than 3%, which is far away from the industry average of 6%, which also caused the industry’s concerns, in this regard, Liu Changhong said, the Jingdong will not take any subsidies for small Treasuries, the user gains completely from the market investment behavior]

is listed on the Jingdong intends to wildly beating gongs and drums to create Internet banking as an important pillar to improve profitability.

recently, Jingdong launched a class of consumer oriented consumer balance treasure financial products, small Treasuries, and Alibaba balance treasure, WeChat CAITONG positive competition.

prior to this, Jingdong has done too much in the field of Internet banking attempt. Including, for supply chain finance, consumer oriented class credit card service Jingdong ".

since then, Jingdong has completed simultaneously in the field of Internet banking and consumer end user oriented two-way layout. And this again with the previous acquisition of the third party online payment online banking rely on each other to form a relationship.

With the advent of the United States IPO

, Jingdong intends to try to raise the possibility of profitability. Electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong believes that the profitability of the capital market is to enhance the value of the local Jingdong. From the point of view of the Amazon model, the traditional B2C online retail business is difficult to get a direct profit. For profitability and the judgment of the market price, in the previous negotiations, Goldman Sachs has withdrawn from the Underwriters position Jingdong.

compete with the balance treasure

launch class balance treasure products small Treasuries, Jingdong chose the Harvest Fund and Penghua Fund as its partner.

and the balance of the treasure with Alibaba have a greater difference. In October last year, Alibaba to 1 billion 180 million yuan to acquire 51% stake in Celestica fund, so that the balance of their holding of the business in order to Baoji chengdu. Alibaba believes that by way of capital holdings can promote end product data integration more seamless.

Jingdong finance business leader Liu Changhong said, "small treasury" belongs to the consumer oriented financial system in Jingdong in the business platform, will cooperate with the different fund companies, the fund company is just the first two cooperation partners.

in fact, the way to take a number of fund companies are more common in Internet Co. For example, the Tencent WeChat class balance treasure products CAITONG in previous and Huaxia Fund cooperation, the follow-up also introduced yifangda, GF, huitianfu fund company.

class balance treasure product is another hot issue of concern. From the balance of Alibaba’s treasure, WeChat’s financial yield through the trend of view, have declined. At present, the balance of treasure and wealth through the annual yield of 7 from about 7% before the decline to less than 6%.

, an investment manager of China Merchants Bank