Three months to earn $one million through Adsense

2006 in March 16th, a senior member of the markus007 in the webmaster World Forum issued a post, the title is: How did I earn one million in the next 3 months.

because the webmaster world is not allowed to post any of the site’s address, in the membership information, markus007 did not write their own website. So, although the post has a very heated discussion, many people do not know what he refers to a website. Through some investigation, I found his name is Markus Frind, his website is Plenty Of Fish, which is a free dating service site. Now there are millions of members, the daily page views Pageview is fourteen million to fifteen million.

look at his website, you can find that the design of the site is actually very simple, even in the eyes of many people may be outdated. But the important thing is that his website attracts a lot of visitors. And the service he offers is completely free. The only source of revenue is through Google Adsense advertising.

himself said that he had made $one million in advertising revenue in the last 3 months. Conversion, that is, to more than $ten thousand a day. This is a free service website, it is quite rare.

in the subsequent post, he also mentioned his website run in the four frame on the server, he is the only person to manage all matters. In contrast, other and he has almost the number of members of the dating site no one can run as low as he. Most of the dating sites are charged, and no one can run with fewer than 100 servers.

in his post, he gave all Adsense users a few suggestions:

1) to analyze the visitor’s IP address. Through the visitor’s IP address, to analyze his country and region. Because most of the time, an American visitor clicks on an ad that could give you $5 in advertising revenue. But visitors from other places may have only 2 cents.

2) you have to build a website that can attract repeat customers. His advice: don’t dream of getting rich through search engine optimization. But if you set up a free web site, you could earn 30 million a year. Other club members, such as free friends, such sites are likely to make a lot of money. Looking for a mature market, to provide a free service to the market, and then sell advertising.

3) allow your users and visitors to generate content. For example, let them write about a nightclub, a hotel or a golf course.

4) don’t get into a market where too many people are already using Adsense. It’s better to create a market of your own.

5) the site must be very simple and must be fast. One page at most