From the Olympic Games to see electricity supplier price war second

After the crazy price war

some time ago all the electricity supplier, the electricity supplier who seem to be ready to undercurrents. In 2012 the people of the world look forward to the upcoming Olympic Games in London, when the number of electricity suppliers is Unlimited Business Opportunities, how to seize the Olympic business opportunities to book profits has become their day and night to think about.

This is not

, some electricity providers have begun to advance a new round of price strategy of the storm! According to news reports said Gome online mall has been the most shocking history of the electricity supplier price war and 7.18, hundreds of thousands of products in the industry will never throw his price, the butcher color exposed. IPhone4S mobile phone 3999 yuan, the full supply of 1000 units, apple iPad $1999, the full supply of 1000 units, 32 inch LED LCD 999 yuan, Hisense refrigerator door open to $2999, intelligent air conditioning 888 yuan, Joyoung milk machine $199……. It is understood that during the 7.18-28 day activities all over one thousand units, tens of thousands of units of ultra large scale supply of special sales volume.

state of the United States such a large-scale price of the ultra low visibility strategy, has completely overturned the concept of price war set off before Jingdong 6.18. Price war to fight to come true, do not play gimmicks, a few dozen put up, this is called a price war, consumers can not buy to buy. Then the virtual price, the lowest price, but no goods. This is a major drawback of the electricity supplier industry, no sense." The general manager of Gome online mall Han Depeng calmly said, "there is no true industry leader B2C electricity supplier in the industry, no one on the electricity supplier industry standards and rules, I hope the United States can stand out the standards for the industry."

Gome online mall general manager Han Depeng

said in the electricity supplier industry hidden rules of the game, the price is not the real benefit to the end consumer, but through false marketing means to deceive consumers, in order to maintain its dominant position in the market to. Image point is involved in the war hypocritically, through the surface planned on shameless false temptation information, causing users to participate in, and finally to a policy change or data error and other reasons, do not give consumers delivery, drainage and the defense of competitors in order to achieve the purpose of. I do you engage in low price marketing strategy, although good, but in the end consumers really hurt, we can get a glimpse from Sina official micro-blog customer complaints.

United States has ignited the fire of the Olympic marketing, other electricity providers who certainly do not want to. Jingdong mall brother Liu Qiangdong in July 16th micro-blog said "today morning meeting and the managers said: the third and fourth quarter of this year will set off China electricity supplier in the history of the largest and most comprehensive, the most fierce price war! And Jingdong will continue to lead the price war! From today, who are not the lowest price. Who leave! At the same time, the user experience to a higher level! (specific measures to launch by the end of this month)".