College Students’ challenge of Electronic Commerce training industry booming trend

according to statistics by the end of 2008, when China’s Internet penetration rate has exceeded the global average of 21.5%. E-commerce is one of the most promising industries. Up to now, the case of the success of the electricity business college students is not new. Employment pressure continues to increase, while the young people’s passion has not been suppressed, have challenged e-commerce. From 2005 the first college students Chinese e-commerce competition held in Beijing this year has been the fifth curtain call, students’ enthusiasm is increasing year by year.

After all,

e-commerce is still in its infancy, is still very young, in addition to the surface of the understanding, few students can truly understand the full range of e-commerce, e-commerce students are also the case. Because of the school teachers and the degree of openness of Chinese schools, college students to support the network is not enough. Moreover, the operation of e-commerce is the most difficult mode, it needs to be specific to do, to do, there is a way out. E-commerce business students, most people start from the online shop, because online shop can save a lot of labor costs, simple and convenient. It’s easy to get started. There have been various aspects of e-commerce for students in the survey, some of the results are as follows:





we can see that the understanding of the students is not very deep, it can be summarized that e-commerce is a promising business circles. E-commerce marketing is the key, but they have no idea of the marketing capabilities. This is the practical experience of the common defects, but also college students have, in fact, it is difficult to challenge of electronic commerce. In this case, the rise of targeted electricity supplier training for students to solve entrepreneurial problems, of course, only a large proportion of college students, there are a few young people want to start. The government is also very supportive of entrepreneurship. The Chengdu government has also worked with Alibaba to build the Chengdu Taobao Venture Park, and has been put into use.

if you go to Baidu e-commerce training, the search results are 57000000, the major training courses, there are enterprises, there are government, which is expected. It seems that the challenge of college students to e-commerce, but also the main driving force for the rise of cultural training. Here I want to remind the majority of training and training to students, the training industry is booming, jumbly, careful trap. The case already exists, known as network marketing, the first name is moved to the network marketing organization. Now college students awareness of prevention is weak, causing many opportunities for criminals.


challenges more and more college students of e-commerce, the rapid development of training industry occasion. I just want to remind you that young people start their own business

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