Do marketing, do not reject all the people who say to you NO

often see a circle of friends forwarding information people every day in that "my mask is not good, I think the mask is not good with people, you are not my users, not my real friends, directly pull the black me, I don’t need these people, who are afraid of not to I find


also often see me a lot of people often write said: "those who do not agree with this, you don’t see it, I need is love this, you are not my users, understand my nature to understand me, I do not know do not come. "


for these claims, wood do not comment on what, after all, people’s ideas are not the same, I just talk about my idea!

is: do marketing, do not reject all the people who say to you NO.

although I sometimes say to those who Tucao, do not like can not see, but to the situation, not all of my articles have opinions. For the true content of the article pointed out that the criticism or advice, it must humbly accept, often see my blog will find at the bottom of my article to have such a sentence: "if you think this article is valuable, please share it with your friends! If you have different views can also communicate with me. "

I is for those are not the contents of the article, pure malicious Tucao or personal attacks, in the "readme: poor webmaster, rich webmaster, indeed!" article which I said, this is not good! So this is the integrity problem, although I don’t have much of the integrity.

do marketing, whether it is content marketing, service marketing or product marketing, do not reject all the people who say to you NO. No matter is the product, service, or article, is to meet the needs of the user, and the user needs is to be improved, all people say how to improve service quality, improve the quality of the contents? To comment box not only accept praise.

really good products, good article is not your opponents shield, not to hear bad words, but a little bit according to the NO to improve and enhance, deceiving and buried sand ostrich stories have not heard enough? Don’t put on a mask, put on clothes off, let they are isolated and pleased with oneself, do not feel good marketing, but should not give yourself a feel good atmosphere of


attention to your products or text, they are your fans right, but is not to represent the fans love you all of the services, recognized each article you, the user also has the subjective judgment, your article is good quality, is good or bad is bad, and it is a good article will have different views, because your fans are not the same level. Do you want to do marketing, is the real fans, not blindly zombies, said NO are not necessarily your real friends on your


especially those who put forward their opinions, it is true fans will give advice, if others love you

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