Analysis of grassroots website promotion operation example

has recently had several new out, has already begun to do the advertising alliance, recently often some friends said to apply a lot of advertising, a busy month has not received some money, but also worried about being K, so it will own a few years experience do stand out, each to explore.

today, I have a simple operation of the textbook for your reference.

1 choose a good space, it is very simple and good space to withstand a lot of traffic, and click on the ads need traffic support,

a brush on the burst point has white space.

2 site to have a good content and ranking, mainly in order to apply for good advertising. The layout should be neat so that people who look at the comfort of the audit.

ranking needless to say, can apply to a good advertising, and now some of the good advertising alliance has been open for registration, such as Sogou Yahoo

, however, high ranking can reduce the chance of being K.

3 application of the advertising alliance, and now can apply to the basic advertising alliance has Sogou, Yahoo, NetEase, netgoo, fast advertising,

of course, Baidu, you can also find ways to apply.

no, you can’t do much refinement.

4 traffic, which is the most critical, a large number of clicks to make money, and these require the support of traffic.

5 thousand dollars a month (with CC VIP as an example, there are two websites to apply for advertising: Sogou, Yahoo for

, the NetEase)

CCVIP is the 6 link, a station of three links, just point to the advertising of the three.

A. do with CC click on the site’s only requirement is to open the speed faster, as far as possible with static pages (HTML, HTM)

B. traffic, a connection CC VIP traffic is probably 500~1000IP 3000~5000pv such a station traffic probably

is 500~1000IP, 9000~15000PV

in accordance with this traffic is not enough, so it is best to buy a little bit of traffic 1000~2000IP 10000~20000PV basic support can be clicked.

C. to test three VIP advertising alliance click revenue per day at about

Sogou with keywords 15~30 yuan / day

Yahoo auction 10 yuan / day

NetEase 10 yuan / day


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