Five terminal network domain name initials drug within one year of the three financing


(love circle recently, the pharmaceutical B2B platform "drug terminal network" officially announced the acquisition of 50 million yuan a round of financing, and revealed that the company is expected in July 2016 landed three new board.

drug is a pharmaceutical B2B network terminal platform, belonging to the Chengdu Jiyuan Technology Co Ltd, to provide services for the pharmaceutical wholesale pharmaceutical factory, pharmaceutical agent wholesale companies, retail pharmacies, clinics and other major social, trading goods for medicines, medical equipment, health supplies, health products, medicines etc..

The site for the

website use five initials domain name, the first letter of Pinyin abbreviation drug network terminal. Domain name corresponds with the brand, basically no difficulty in spelling and memory. Upon inquiry, the domain name is also in the name of Chengdu Yi era technology Co., Ltd., but temporarily unable to visit, it is likely to be used for the domain name protection.

drug terminal network within a year to get 3 financing and the total amount of more than $100 million, which is not only rare in the pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry, is also rare in the entire Internet industry. At present, the pharmaceutical industry B2B has emerged more and more companies, including many of the Internet giants such as Tmall, Jingdong, 1, or even the number of stores are also involved in the 360, which shows that the pharmaceutical market is very broad B2B.

and in this market, the drug terminal network has a first mover advantage,. In addition, the founder of what was said, for capital considerations, the drug network terminal is starting to sign a new three plan, has been planning the company’s shares, is expected in July 2016 will sign a new three.

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