Western network 18 afternoon suffered a hacker attack for up to 3 hours



    western network (Shaanxi News Network) http://s.cnwest.com is in the Shaanxi provincial government under the leadership by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department in charge of the host, Shaanxi TV host of Shaanxi news portal, is also the province after the Shaanxi daily, the Shaanxi people’s broadcasting station, Shaanxi TV station and a provincial major news media.
        western network as the province’s large-scale comprehensive news information dissemination platform, bringing together the Shaanxi news, publish authoritative information, promote the introduction of Shaanxi, to provide information services. At present, Shaanxi opened the news, sports, entertainment, life, audio, pictures and other more than and 10 channels, the formation of a " news, audio-visual, interactive " integrated network architecture, function features a relatively complete news platform.
        the modern communication technology of western network based network with high ground, advanced software and hardware technology, equipment, integration of various means of communication, Shaanxi mining and utilization of news resources and strengthen the interaction with traditional media, to promote the development of our province news dissemination undertakings.
      network construction and development of the western policy in accordance with the overall planning, step-by-step implementation, will continue to explore and innovation mechanism, pioneering the development of ideas, increase the amount of information, expand the coverage, strengthen the specialization, increase the influence, improve the guiding ability, strain ability and market development ability of the website for public opinion into the national key news website famous and influential in a few years.

      18 PM 3 began to open the western network website, Kabasiji has prompted a malicious script, not normal, like being inserted into the virus malicious code, 17 web site is not open at night, returned to normal.
    & nbsp;; western Shaanxi province official net the news website, the website content is very valuable and applicable, and every day I will be on a station, want the administrator to do safety work well, we will support the development of western network



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