Discuz! X1.5 RC version of the official release of improved features to improve known issues

                network owners admin5.com9 Sept. 1, after about a month of testing, Kang Chong Sheng’s products Discuz! X1.5RC version officially released today, and available for download. Kang Sheng official said Discuz! X1.5 to create the classic as the mission, improve the efficiency of the program function, optimize the adjustment of the user interface and experience, increase the operator tools and other aspects of the overall improvement and upgrading. The RC version of the official version of the candidate version, the first public release of the upgraded version of the X1.0 for more than 300 of the functional details of the improvement, but also improve the new / old version of the 700 kinds of known small problems.

cited content:

product introduction

Discuz! X Comsenz (Comsenz) a community-based professional website platform, so that the Forum (BBS), personal space (SNS), portal (Portal), group (Group), open platform (Open Platform) is fully integrated in one, help the site to achieve a one-stop service.

download address


installation method

upload to the server directory, visit your domain name /install/ in accordance with the prompts to install, the installation will automatically jump to the site after the completion of the home page.

Discuz! X1.5RC new installation graphics tutorial

details: http://s.discuz.net/thread-1864210-1-1.html

upgrade method

Discuz! X1.0 upgrade to X1.5RC http://s.discuz.net/thread-1864118-1-1.html

Discuz! 7.2 upgrade to x1.5RC http://s.discuz.net/thread-1864242-1-1.html

data conversion

PHPWIND 8 to Discuz! X1.5RC http://s.discuz.net/thread-1864314-1-1.html

version of


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