China knowledge quiz website user behavior survey results announced

iResearch on December 2008 on the China network knowledge interlocution platform user use behavior in special investigation and research, to summarize the recent years network knowledge quiz, access to the user’s overall satisfaction degree of brand choice of products, as well as the potential demand. Survey results found that as of the 08 quarter of the year fourth, the total number of visits to China knowledge quiz platform users exceeded the total of 4 billion times, is the same period last year, two times, knowledge quiz platform has been widely spread.

in terms of user brand choice, Baidu know to occupy nearly half of the market share, is the most frequently used knowledge quiz platform. But exclude the brand factors specific to the user inquiry platform for knowledge products to user satisfaction, satisfaction with the quality of Tencent Soso Ask the question and answer the highest. At the same time in the exclusion of brand interference case, Baidu and Sina know asked users to search and other severe quality question and answer ask the highest score counter ultra love to the satisfaction of the platform.

iResearch believes this reflects the current knowledge interlocution platform users are affected by the choice of brand influence, but the warp research combined with the line forum found that users higher quality and response speed to answer the problem seriously, iResearch suggests accordingly leading operators should also keep product innovation in the development of brand strategy, promotion user experience.

2008 China knowledge quiz platform user visits exceeded 4 billion times, an increase of

according to the netizen behavior iResearch launched continuous iUserTracker monitoring system for nearly a year China quiz network monitoring, the total number of visits of the users during the 2007Q4-2008Q4 quarter quarter of the total number of visits, quiz platform had significantly increased by 2 billion 70 million over the same period last year, up to 4 billion 40 million 08Q4, doubled year on year growth, annual visit the number exceeded 12 billion 700 million times. From the user per capita usage, as of November 08, the per capita monthly visits exceeded the number of times, marking the frequent use of Q & A services in the past 7.7 years. IResearch think that the above data reflects the users meet their information needs change, from passive to active information exchange and sharing, based on knowledge interlocution platform so to get rapid development.


Baidu know the most commonly used knowledge quiz platform for users, nearly half of the market share of

iResearch in December 08 through the computer online questionnaire survey methodology will be placed in the iResearch research community, by users to actively participate in the questionnaire to obtain information on Chinese quiz platform for users to choose the brand. After the survey found that in the user’s most frequently used knowledge quiz platform selection ratio, Baidu knows to occupy 49.5% of the market share, the absolute leading position in brand choice. Secondly, Soso Ask occupy 24.8% market share, nearly 1/4 users in the brand appeal. YAHOO knowledge

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