Today PR update, your site PR update

Today Google PR  new adjustment. Look at your website PR update?   PR query: 

    Google (PageRank) is a method used by Google search engine to evaluate the importance of a web page. Google through the PageRank to adjust the results, so that those who are more important in the search results of the web site in the search results to enhance the ranking, thereby improving the relevance and quality of search results.The station is

    the higher the PR value, the weight of the page search keywords links out more. The simplest form is: for example,   the same keyword       more than a few high PR page   his search on the front row. Rather than the keyword itself PR high, ranked in the forefront of search. Because of the high PR link can be in the front. This is a lot of webmaster confused place, said why a PR very low page, but can row in front of his search results.


      another page analysis on PR: and   PR values are different  with  is different

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