58 group Yao Jinbo when an industry is not optimistic when the giants appear


technology news November 18th, the third session of the world Internet Conference on the third day of the 58 group CEO Yao Jinbo (micro-blog) said in an interview, any one industry we are particularly promising when not optimistic, there may be big time in this industry, even the strength of the enterprise, the enterprise will be more and more to stay the stronger.


Yao Jinbo said that the development of China’s life service lags behind, unlike the United States, Europe is more mature. The development of the industry itself in a large scale, a lot of services in the emergence of a lot of upgrades, so it is the proportion of China’s economy is growing. When China’s manufacturing industry can not rely on exports can not rely on, real estate can not rely on, the life of the service will be more attention and greater development. After each of us got paid, more and more people spend money in the field of life services, service industry is a sunrise industry.

"our main services like domestic companies or real estate brokerage companies and so on, they has become increasingly dependent on the Internet, the company itself is similar to their intermediary, so we have a better way to achieve connection. For example, the 58 home, is a direct jump to the domestic companies to workers and the need for the service of the people who are linked. So these two decisions will greatly develop the service industry, the combination of the second services and the Internet has just begun, will play a greater role. Services will not be affected by the economic cycle."

also said Yao Jinbo 58 is also actively exploring new ways to connect. For example, the past 58 release of information, telephone line transactions, today we use secondary trading moved online, all based on the chain of transactions, we found that this change of user stickiness platform is more and more strong, reputation is getting better. In the future, we will be a single point, such as 58 home, a good way to copy the entire brand of the 58, we hope that more depth of the service sector.

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