50 social network micro-blog domain name everyone carrying bloody battle combat

Renren, Kaixin, QQ space to Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, and other micro-blog, China’s social networking site from the bud to the prosperity of the rise to now, there has been another round of ups and downs. During this period, the website "DOA", also have a website "flourishing", more the website "rise directly to a high position". While their domain name is also accompanied by a website all the death several times". Now let’s look at the top 50 social networking sites and their domain names.



: social networking site domain name type Pinyin domain name


micro-blog weibo.com topped the domineering Larry domain

in recent years, with the rise of baihe.com, Jiayuan headed by dating website, also let the various social networking sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like love these sites also emerge in an endless stream, are invariably chose the Pinyin domain name, such as lily network baihe.com, Jiayuan shiji.com, zhenai.com and zhenai edge network youyuan.com. Among them, Lily network baihe.com average daily IP (Zhou Pingjun) up to 294000, the average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) up to 3234000.

used social networking sites. Renren.com, when choosing a domain name with the same dating sites are eyeing the Pinyin domain name, except for the official domain name renren.com, renren.com also spent 450 thousand yuan in the "my show" Larry woxiu.com bought a bag, and built for customers. This year, will also be renren.com’s "anchor TV" domain to Larry "group song" qunge.com. In addition, there is news that early, renren.com also bought the "private" domain name sixin.com.

addition, as one of the earliest micro-blog portal, Sina micro-blog PK off many powerful competitors, all the way to grow, especially in the Tencent Sina micro-blog opened the account and announced the withdrawal of the micro-blog division, the strongest competitors have surrendered, Sina micro-blog is no one can the enemy.

2009, Sina micro-blog enable two domain t.sina.com on the line, and with 6 digit bought "micro-blog" Larry weibo.com.cn. Subsequently, Sina has invested heavily in the acquisition of weibo.com, weibo.cn and t.cn. 2011, Sina officially opened weibo.com micro-blog, and this year will be changed to logo micro-blog". Sina’s move is undoubtedly to "dominate the political arena, the Sina micro-blog directly to micro-blog. In addition, Sina also beat Tencent last year, successfully applied to the new top-level domain name.Weibo".



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