The first group purchase Chinese summit will be held in Beijing on December

in China, the group has reached thousands of sites, buy is becoming a vigorous consumer movement, has become the most popular mode of network consumption. The "Groupon model" is known as the 2 group purchase, with its clear, simple and direct business model over the traditional building materials on both sides of the Changjiang River; Home Furnishing, group purchase and businesses forum organized group purchase has been enlarged; in addition to covering the object even idle away in seeking pleasure, group purchase LCD TV, car, villa etc..

favored by users at the same time, the group also exposed some problems. The industry standard has not been formed, it is difficult to control the quality of products and services, service ability and the lack of credit indicators can be uneven in quality, reflect the credibility and strength of the group purchase website, consumer complaints can not be solved such problems plaguing us, but also restricts the healthy development of the industry. In addition, group purchase website suffers from the lack of excellent suppliers, good product / service providers are unable to obtain high-quality group purchase channels, this is a very common phenomenon.

ITrust Internet Credit Center in Peking University, China credit research center, under the guidance of the China Internet association to promote the integrity of the Union will be held in Beijing in December, China’s first group summit. Promote the integrity alliance as the industry authority organization, once the first industry research and joint Tencent, Sohu, Sina group purchase group purchase group purchase, Thousand Oaks, sweet and glutinous rice 58 group, the U.S. group, handle group launched the integrity of the industry self-discipline convention, to carry out the construction of credit and establish group purchase group purchase industry standard. Beijing China credit research center is the first to study the social and economic credit as the core of China’s authoritative research institutions in the field of credit. In addition to the invitation to participate in the integrity of the initiative initiative to buy membership units, but also intends to buy hundreds of websites and traditional businesses, business representatives attended the meeting. Tencent as the exclusive full cooperation of the summit of the summit will be the entire report of the summit, to carry out in-depth cooperation.

the summit is entirely voluntary, in addition to group purchase channels and suppliers of high-grade fair Summit on the successful construction of credit system, chain group purchase industry model innovation, operation of the road, local consumer protection, substation construction, marketing and brand building, policy regulation, development status and trend of the industry, community / mobile phone / e-commerce / traditional media group purchase issues in-depth discussion. Summit forms include keynote speeches, round table discussions, live buy, micro-blog interactive, supplier fair, capital projects, etc..

group is becoming an important part of social life, businesses, businesses, media, units and individuals have to examine and attach importance to the power of the group, sincerely invite you to pay attention and participate in the summit. To buy a good faith to make life better, as the theme of China’s first group summit, wonderful upcoming!

summit official website:, details can log on to the website or call 010-82273323.

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