QQ is more suitable for use in Baidu know propaganda

mail, post, soft propaganda methods I will not say, say by QQ propaganda.

has been a period of time, Baidu has stepped up to know and stick to the audit efforts.

if you release a lot of advertising information, it will be easy to seal the account

if you don’t believe, you can try it now.

is what I promote my secret love island.

1, apply for a QQ number

2, the QQ number of some necessary settings. My name is QQ gynecological old doctor, anyone can add me, when in the busy state of QQ automatic reply "Hello, I’m busy, need to consult a health problem to the secret love island www.miaidao.cn health forum to consult me, I will reply as soon as possible after the busy". Or "as a result of the recent QQ advisory staff too much, so I stop QQ consulting, all questions please publish to my forum www.miaidao.cn, I will reply as soon as possible". Set QQ to busy state.

3, go to Baidu post bar and know, in the health version, the answer said, your question is not too detailed, please add QQ (QQ number) detailed consultation". Or "to recommend you a gynecologist QQ number, you ask."

this method, the registration rate is about 50%, suitable for the development of the forum. When you turn on the computer QQ open, every day someone will add you, and long-term effective.

also suggested that the use of the QQ number every day in Baidu propaganda, each QQ number of promotional stickers not more than 20, and the content of the change.

such as: this sentence, your question is not too detailed, please add QQ (QQ number) detailed consultation change into your problem is not too detailed, please add my QQ (QQ number) detailed consultation, literally add two words on the line.

although QQ is very casual, but do not waste too much a QQ.

some methods we try.

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