The best tool to promote the website – soft

online on the soft article describing the search is innumerable, just appear a lot about this tutorial or write soft charges to write text in this website, I will not say, I have seen people write the soft, sometimes they are written out of the master, the East Xinai ruminate people can see. In some, that is called soft, soft enough, of course, do not write good browsing people will be less, each big website reproduced the chance of a small number, a good soft Wen can really write the promotion to the intangible goods reach the acme of perfection. Not much to say, just below my brother trick to tell you to write soft, powerful than I hope friends can scold me.

1, preparation:

write soft Wen must first think better, is to use a what kind of thing or a story to export you want to promote the commodity or website. May be some friends didn’t understand what I said in my consciousness, simply say ah, I first wrote an article is I (96 beauty network written) a soft, is a love story with a lipstick, slowly raises my website’s name and address, there is no detailed write.

2, independent writing

to write their own, not by the words of others to modify your article, even if you write in is not good, also want to use their own language to write, because at the beginning you wrote it, and the middle part are you referring to someone else’s article added, in the middle of this with your language. People who look to see that this is not a person’s handwriting, there will be a feeling of deception.

is the second we write soft to the readers, but also one of the biggest reader that is search engine, we do not ignore this, search for I’m not here to say, search for love of the original, you write in is not good, this is to write out your own search. Not the person but the machine, he judged the quality is not good or bad language modification of the article, but to see the original, we know now why I wanted to write their own articles do not refer others to be modified.

3, concise content, accurate Title


the most important, the title of the article and you write the contents of the central idea must be the same, my method is probably the first to determine the title, and the online writing is different, there are a lot of Master said that the first title to write articles to determine, and I think we are not professional master the writer, sometimes you don’t know what to write, put things to write about and think of a title, and write the content, content basically written, in accordance with the content to determine the title, the title is determined after the good in read the content in the revised amendment, be concise.

4, pay attention to errors, paragraphs clear


finished writing an article, this text is to check the error, most people do not pay attention to how, but I tell you, don’t look at this is a trivial matter, but can test the readability and accuracy of your article. "

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