Card shopping mall announced the completion of a new round of financing

, Shanghai, China – July 15, 2016 (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd., China’s largest gift card mall operators, today announced the completion of a new round of financing. A new round of financing by Huawei International Group (The CID Group) led. Is willing to make use of the new round of funding to accelerate the expansion of its offline retail outlets distribution network and online electronic platform distribution network.

is willing to create the gift card Mall – card shopping mall ", has entered including Rosen, 7-11 and other domestic Quik convenience store retail channels, covering more than 8000 top Direct stores; the distribution of the gift card includes a number of popular consumer international brands, such as Amazon, WAL-MART, yum, ctrip. Consumers can be very convenient in the convenience store to buy their favorite gift cards. Create a unique and independent intellectual property rights of the "instant activation" technology to make gift cards in the convenience store in a timely manner to secure the recharge, and immediately use. The new round of investment will continue to support the expansion of retail channels willing to create, including the expansion of supermarkets and shopping channels.

technology platform is willing to create and support electronic gift card sales, and has been through the strategic partner of Tmall, Tencent, WeChat sales of electronic gift card. Is willing to continue to research and development with independent intellectual property rights of electronic gift card delivery technology, so that other electronic platforms can also be safe and convenient access to the wishes of the electronic gift card content.

In addition to

gift card, and is willing to build the retail distribution network payment make its cooperation more than 8000 stores can accept different payment by electronic wallet, is willing to create payment networks such as: Alipay, WeChat payment and QQ payment. Create plans to continue to expand the payment network services, to increase the new sales growth momentum for the retail channels of cooperation.

within a short span of three years, the creation of China has been willing to build a performance of the highest retail payment network. We help retail channels to improve the ability to create high margin products in their stores, while the top consumer brands to reach consumers with the best cost-effective. We enable our customers to buy their favorite brand gift cards safely and quickly in thousands of convenient locations. We are very grateful to Huawei international group development strategy to support us. Willing to business in the past 400% annual rate of growth, with a new round of financing investment, is willing to seek a higher growth rate and build market leadership." Lin Bo, President Chong said.

"we are very excited about the recent investment in. Creative distribution network has grown to more than 2 million transactions per week, they are building a high-performance retail payment network in china. Is willing to create China first retail market online and offline with huge gift card content market connected company. Our investment will provide sufficient funds to support the creation of its market leadership and continue to provide innovative financial technology products to its partners and consumers." Yang Guangzhi, Warwick International Group founding partner.

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