WeChat public number skills thumbprint

for a long time did not write the log, I did not expect to finish, a hair out, the volume is still good.

tonight, I don’t want to write the article, think, today is my holiday, I have to work hard.

or else I can’t catch up with you guys ~~~

recently, I pay attention to a lot of public numbers, is to follow these smart people learn to learn ~~

we all know, WeChat public numbers will be recommended to the inside of the article itself or not WeChat public number two-dimensional code, I hope others can pay attention to this number,

previously, we generally recommend the public number of others, most of the form is like this:


this will we need to remind fans, select the micro signal (such as pictures), and then to add, search, and a lot of Balabala


what is the final result of 100 people, there will be at least 80 people do not want to engage in such a complex process, give up directly concerned.

so, in the operation of the WeChat public number above, we need to spend more and more detailed mind, to the fans to pay attention to the process of optimizing the more user-friendly.

for smart people, this is not a problem!

I really admire those who really want to do things, they focus and innovation, had to let me give him a great praise!

we all know that in WeChat, as long as we use our hands often according to the picture, you can play the following interface, which is the most critical: "identification of two-dimensional code"

specific as follows:


, however, for the average user, they learn to press the operation, or not intuitive, right?

do not laugh, for the novice, this is really a process of Education (think we just use the computer keyboard typing, the kind of worry, you will understand), this really has nothing to do with IQ!

how can I make a novice look more intuitive?

it really wants us to have good skills! We are all according to the fingerprints? Is this:


we ordinary people should have more or less experienced this.

is the same reason, as long as according to the fingerprints of experience, you know, we fingerprinted, in order to more clearly, generally in force at the same time, according to the president for a while.

because there is such a common, we are concerned about the number of public WeChat tips, there is a combination of points.

is like this picture:


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