Nine vertical and three horizontal depth analysis of website marketing strategy to share

you can read this article in white busy I feel honored, I hope a short 3 minutes reading to help you. Nonsense not say, cut to the chase, today’s Internet everyone on the network marketing, right, is everyone on the network marketing. In this paper, from the depth and breadth of the network marketing will be summarized as a whole, for network promotion novice or practitioners can have a further understanding of the concept of work has a guiding role.

based on the online promotion, network news promotion, Forum promotion, blog promotion, search optimization promotion, promotion, advertising video promotion, mail promotion, public relations network maintenance concept in 9 aspects through the creative planning of 3 layer design tells a comprehensive network marketing and simple guidance.

                the first point: through the network shop (Taobao, ah, etc.) network marketing guide:

now Taobao, patted ah, has been to 50% of Internet users in the heart, how to store, to sell their products or services? Is the object a lot of net sales practitioners cut into focus. In fact, the store is not difficult, at least not to 90% of the practitioners are over point, what is the store sales on credit?? NO, integrity and click, click on how many people know your decision, integrity determines how long can you live. So how to design the store for these shops layout content? How to promote it?……

shop layout: 1 store name, must choose a good mind and your product key contains 2 names, including your product key and everything in good order and well arranged 3 baby named, keywords and long tail word to just perfect 4 store maintenance, do a diligent person, with Taobao ranking rules to diligently manually set your baby on time and period of 5 shop promotion, no longer, even you to chat with friends is a good way to promote. 6 conversion rate, some people want to know that he bought, and the need to know to buy a communication skills. 7 repeat, this of course depends on your credibility and value for money to attract back. In fact, each a small part of the online promotion can be about 2, 3 hours would not be enough, this is to bring you a comprehensive network marketing battlefield awareness, most of them point to the specific details of the operation, I will gradually update out after, please look forward to.

second points: through the network news release included (such as science and technology, etc.) network marketing promotion:

every day you read the news? I estimate the TV very few people see the network? Such as Baidu news channel, Sina News, I think everyone in different hobbies, attention in different channels, so if you think so, one day you can see your business in the network on the news (or your personal) reported by


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