WeChat marketing effect three push

in the study of network marketing and practice of eight years, the method can be used almost all over. WeChat search engine optimization, marketing, bidding, QQ marketing, community marketing, micro-blog marketing, advertising, direct marketing, video marketing, information classification.

A lot of methods

useful, very simple tricks are not mysterious, technical things as long as the simple tricks to perform to the extreme, it is easy to become a trick. The same way a lot of people know that the key is to inject new ideas to enlarge the effect. Like I used to do search engine rankings, while others are rushing to do some keyword ranking, I have begun to layout the website group, the website traffic do 400 thousand a day and in 2 months time, it made me a month to earn $40 thousand.

in many of the promotion methods, almost every method is effective, but out of the inertia, I hope to find a more simple and effective promotion methods.

later concluded that the easiest way to promote is not necessarily through technology, technology to achieve the ultimate few people. The easiest way of marketing is actually through the mobilization of resources, joint marketing. Use this method to make a lot of you have not heard the master was born, they does not rely on the technology, many of them do not understand the technology, but they have connections. I do not deny any famous way, as long as the results, it is a skill.

what is joint marketing? Popular understanding is an interactive.

1, inter industry push

2, complementary products push each other

3, friends push each other

one, push each other between the industry

some people can not understand how the peer will be recommended to each other, not all of them are competing with each other? Yes, because most people see the competition, rather than cooperation. If you are not a competitive relationship between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, or Cadillac and BMW’s competitive relationship, you can and strong cooperation between peers.

as I have just said, why WeChat after the hot, a lot of the past did not hear the master suddenly appeared. There used to engage in successful school lecturer, transformed into everywhere to the enterprise WeChat marketing master said.

they often recommend each other in their respective WeChat, because they form a common network. In this circle, although we are peers, but there is a consensus that everyone has a group of fans behind. I recommend you, my fans know you, you recommend me, your fans know me. Through this recommendation, everyone’s fans will continue to grow, grow. And this recommendation does not require any technology, only need to have enough contacts, which is why many masters do not understand marketing techniques, but you think he is the master of your mind.

two, complementary products push each other


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