Enhance the users personality index on prose shupai fast allusion net

network world praise the past and the future of a powerful and unconstrained style, can be put in use today, as long as was just perfect, you can. Recently, committed to the development of network platform Mr. Yang found that after traditional Chinese characters, textspeak, prose shupai be a net friend chat, irrigation and write Bo darling. Small chat, forum, blog, shupai ancient prose writing style everywhere, the most interesting is that the netizen even will make a short sentences new in order to be different, English prose shupai form, also appears youmoyouyang posted on the Internet, full of personality.

text to be vertical, style should have more personality

netizens Zhao guidance, the author in Baidu search keywords "prose shupai", entered the ranks of the first fast allusion net (http://s.ft.kdd.cc/gusu/). Type "every day good mood in the input box on the page, have the best of everything", the keystroke Ctrl+ enter, change immediately in the box below shows a vertical text. But the most interesting is the tool style settings button frame can provide 14 kinds of different style, whether it is love or the pursuit of lovely style, concise style, or advocating dignified and elegant style, all want to find their own material here. Finally, simply click on the conversion tool on the "copy" button, or click the right mouse button, will be designed to copy and paste the text to the appropriate place on it, the operation is very simple.
, the second is my beginning, my words, my box,
, since it is possible for the row, it is my second choice into you, my mother

friends where there is a classical vertical

many netizens said that he had such affection for the prose shupai is mainly due to its convenient, easy to use. Basically if you can chat, will will be irrigation, the most basic network operation and typing on a keyboard, you should be able to play classical vertical. In addition, some of the administrator of the forum also pointed out that not only the prose shupai can effectively compensate for the users because of the network virtual world defect sense, but also can form the benign interaction between the users. In the network without borders within the realm of users and users do not have to meet in order to establish friendship, usually we are from some of the details about a person, the deep communication and these details also contribute to people’s emotion. User likes and

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