Starting from the content tick will create a vertical community basketball movement

according to statistics, as of now there are as many as 300 million of basketball fans in China, of which there are high frequency of basketball players to play, the market is huge in the world, the market value of 80 million. In our country, not only from the basketball sports, or two exercise all has a deep foundation of the masses: NBA, CBA and other events in the domestic league fans are numerous, widely spread throughout the city; domestic indoor or outdoor basketball courts, public participation is high. Then in the Internet plus trend, how will the masses of resources has become the first choice point of many enterprises in the field of basketball.


tick movement was founded in December 2014, the record Zhang Decai, graduated from Beihang University computer college undergraduate, master’s degree majoring in algorithm and high performance computing, was once a senior engineer for IBM, but also has rich experience in the basketball industry. In addition to Zhang Decai, the team also includes the tick movement: the former is basket magazine editor, competitive media director Kim Ho, senior director of product operations, before moving the backbone of unfamiliar street operations Ma Chao, before China CBO tournament director Yang Chengye has a core member of rich professional experience.

cut from the content to enhance social functions, enhance user stickiness


Zhang Decai said APP is the flagship of the tick movement "about the ball" function, namely the user site, friends of the ball or directly into a ball through the Bureau of APP selection, with strangers or acquaintances about a ball. The new version of tick movement is based on the content of the starting point. Zhang Decai said: the original model to cut about the ball, the user is too scattered, high polymerization costs, but also difficult to copy and promote. Then we realized that the content is just for the fans, basketball must be content as a starting point. Therefore, we adjust the idea, the new version will be around the basketball aspects of information, video and other promotion, through the realization of social content. In other words, the 2 version of the main content, but also to strengthen the social function."

online drive line, a variety of services to develop

for the main business tick movement at present, Zhang Decai introduced mainly in the following aspects:

1 basketball information, video. Tick sports content, including "headlines" and "learn the ball" two plate. "Headlines" section related to the integration of the basketball information, at the same time tick movement to establish their own database, personalized recommendation to users of the content. "The ball plate" is the intention to learn basketball technology users to integrate online video resources of basketball technology actions. Users can learn by watching the video.

2 ball. About the ball is used to be the main business tick movement, by providing the ball near the office, the user in the vicinity of the venue, nearby people and other information, to allow users the freedom to choose and join in. In addition, tick movement also has events and other information for the user to choose to participate in the club. Now, about the function of ball movement is mainly tick in the Beijing area. >

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