Cross border electricity supplier is also scouring the sea Amoy 61855 overseas merchants collective

June 16th news, cross-border electricity supplier platform 55 sea Amoy said that in this year’s "618" activities in the international business alliance and it will be "Dolphin village" to carry out cooperation, simultaneous promotion.

it is reported that dolphin village members mainly for Europe, Australia, Japan and South Korea and other businesses, such as the German BA bodyguard pharmacy, the United Kingdom Feelunique beauty, Australia Roy young and Phamacy online, etc..

55 sea Amoy said in 618 during the year, 55 sea Amoy on these businesses will have preferential activities, including the category of maternal and child health care, personal care, beauty, Home Furnishing, on products such as hot amoy. All these businesses on shopping in the users have the opportunity to obtain the full tariff subsidies, can relief the postage.

addition, the British electricity supplier Lookfantastic English station and Chinese station will also participate in the event. During the period from June 18th to July 18th, from the 55 sea Amoy chain to Lookfantastic single user, if the tax, you can receive subsidies.

, the sea Amoy money festival will be the largest since the first half of the main activities. 55 sea Amoy CEO Gu Junlin said, since the new deal in April 8th, cross-border electricity supplier needs a variety of operations to boost market confidence. 55 sea Amoy will be the focus of this big promotion in the ‘save money’, the main tariff subsidies and international free mail, I hope that through these initiatives, to show the user will continue to develop the 55 sea Amoy confidence."



is a problem for the tariff subsidy Gu Junlin said that domestic middle class consumption upgrade is represent the general trend of cross-border electricity supplier market space, will continue to grow, 55 sea Amoy annual sales is expected to grow rapidly, so consumers will be regularly.

billion state power network learned with 6· 18 approaching, the major electricity providers have already begun preparing for. In May 18th, the Jingdong announced the start of a month long 6· 18 quality Carnival "; in May 25th, the Alibaba officially launched" 6· 18 Super Fans Carnival "fun", and released to create 6· in June 1st and the joint Suning; 18; in May 25th, Gome online announced this year "6· 18" the theme is "do not speak, only parity".

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