Agricultural nternet boom hit a good domain name to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

daily news (reporter Wang Jiajing) this year, "agriculture + Internet" model has gradually become the focus of society after the financial, real estate hot. The Internet and agriculture, a modern tradition, but in the past two years with the penetration of the Internet technology to agriculture, the two gradually close together.

Internet agriculture mainly has three modes: one is the mode of agricultural intelligent Internet technology deeply applied; two is the comprehensive use of the Internet marketing business model; three is the industry chain integration of the Internet and the depth of agriculture. But these three modes show the advancing state. As the holding time ago officially announced to the outside world into agriculture, the establishment of Internet music as ecological agriculture (Beijing) Co. Ltd., and announced the overall layout of LETV agriculture, its food business platform "happy life" has been on-line test. In addition to LETV, many Internet giants have joined the Internet industry in agriculture. 2014 ushered in a new era of Internet agriculture.


with the development of Internet agriculture, agricultural websites are also emerging, the value of the corresponding agricultural domain name is also increasingly prominent. Today, whether it is the Internet giant and traditional giants, or agricultural products industry companies have joined the Internet agriculture. Want to occupy a place in the upcoming fierce competition in the Internet, a good domain value is crucial. A good domain name is not only beneficial to comb the brand image, but also can improve the competitiveness of enterprises from the aspects of promotion cost, user experience and so on. The leading domain name service platform love net ( brings a number of boutique Agricultural Internet domain name for the majority of enterprises and entrepreneurs: (net agricultural), (Lotus), (McKinnon network), (agricultural), (farmer), (Jinong and (Pu Nong)), (tea), (Mi Xiang). If you are interested in the above domain name please visit contact us, scan the right two-dimensional code to pay attention to the public micro signal you can learn more.

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