When the mailbox function post Dun Hou is a feather enterprise group purchase

only one year rise of group purchase, but to subvert the entire market price, also let the price war in the market becomes before many businesses in jeopardy, perhaps through a price war to win the market, but in the recent market staged a "double standard" once again reveal the true face, let your heart again a cold.

in this year, many businesses by "as long as you find what a price than our low price, we can give you a payment of three times the difference" this commitment to urge the customer consumption, and even some giant companies such as Ctrip and apple iPad have also staged "price difference", these after the rise of group purchase commitments in the "false propaganda" gradually return to nature.

March 10, 2010, Ctrip announced in Shanghai "double low price guarantee, payment of three times in March 4, 2011, when the promise", Cheng net relevant responsible person said "as payment and conditions in many other terms are not unified, the hotel group purchase payment Ctrip does not exist" and micro-blog customer service in micro-blog said: "three complaints times of payment commitments" applies only to the China, District Hotel, Hong Kong Hotel is so special because of the price system is not within this range, after gradually let the customer realizes the ultimate victims of price war or customers, when customers encounter too many excuses not to fulfill their commitments, let them on the merchant’s commitment to lose confidence, therefore, the future price war has been difficult to think that in the market occupies a space for one person.

in the IDC industry, the price war everywhere in no time, take the enterprise mailbox, before the low-cost corporate email, post office, post office to buy space free advertising everywhere, because the price is too low, businesses can not provide good customer service to the customer service after the guarantee cost, let the customer lost orders. The linkage of the world and won the IDC annual ceremony Chinese industrial enterprises designated mail service providers that as an expert in global e-commerce: to become large enterprises, and will get to maximize customer lifetime value must be from improving the quality of products in their own enterprises, improve the service quality of the start, first to meet customer needs of businesses.

from the improvement of product quality, can let the customer get the greatest experience, improve product performance and businesses can improve the product function to proceed, such as: to the enterprise mailbox to open up more features and customer needs, enhance the stability of the reform of the enterprise post office, mail interface, can let the customer get the good experience.

in addition, from the improvement of service providers, to maximize customer retention, customer lifetime value maximization, in terms of service, can improve the service process to achieve, such as providing online consultation, online quiz, interactive, 7*24 hour service enhancement and customers in addition, behind by mail the tracking, can let customers feel the service is very professional, attentive, naturally allow customers to stop in the enterprise.

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